3050 Series

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3050 Series

Badger Meter BTU Meter and Flow Monitor 3050 Series

Badger Meter BTU Meter and Flow Monitor


The Badger Meter 3050 Series BTU monitor is an economical, full-featured, compact unit designed for BTU measurement applications. Outputs include one mechanical relay and one solid state pulse output, both featuring unit/pulse and set-point control independently based on flow or total readings. An analog 4-20 mA or 0-20 mA output is optional and USB, RS-485 Modbus, and BACnet/MSTP provide high-level communication. A two-line by 16-character, 3/8" high backlit LCD display is configured by the user to display flow rate and flow total plus energy and temperature measurements. Custom units can be created during field setup. The flow sensor input features flexible scaling options and signal type selections that permit the use of most Data Industrial meter sensors, or other frequency (sine/pulse) or linear devices. Matched 10 kΩ thermistors (ordered seperately) provide temperature differential for BTU calculations.


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  • One mechanical relay and one solid state relay output
  • Optional 0/4-20 mA output
  • USB, RS-485, Modbus, and BACnet/MSTP all in one unit
  • Menu-driven programming or Windows based programming
  • NEMA 4X rated enclosure
  • Two-line x 16-character display
  • Password-restricted access
  • Non-volatile memory
  • Temperature sensor zeroing

Supply Voltage 8 to 28 VAC, 5 VA; 8-35 VDC, 280 mA:

Input:Data Industrial flow sensor or other frequency (sine/pulse) device

Sensor Input:Two 2-wire 10 kΩ type II thermistors or 100Ω 3-wire platinum RTDs or field-defined custom temperature inputs

Maximum Output Impedance:1 kΩ @ 24 VDC

Output:Solid state pulse output rated at 1A @ 30 VAC or 35 VDC; closed 0.5Ω @ 1A; open >10 MΩ

Relay Output:Relay and pulse output are fully functional as either totalizing or setpoint outputs

Relay Output Rating:5A @ 120 VAC or 30 VDC resistive; 1A @ 120 VAC or 30 VDC inductive

Analog Output:4-20 mA, 0-20 mA (isolated, sinking or sourcing); loop powered (sinking) 30 VDC @ 0 mA maximum, 3 VDC @ 20 mA minimum; self powered (sourcing) 600Ω maximum load

Pulse Rate:1 pulse per 1.0000000 to 99999999 units; any predefined or custom unit can be used for flow or BTU totalizing; contact time 1 to 9999 milliseconds

Setpoints:Setpoint alarm for flow rate, BTU rate, Temp1, Temp2, DeltaT using any predefined or custom unit

Zero Adjustments:Compensation for variances between input sensors by adjusting T2 to match T1

Communication Interface:USB 2.0A to mini-B 5-pin cable required, provides access to all programming and operation features

Communication Protocol:RS485 supports Modbus and BACnet/MSTP

Display:Backlit LCD, 16 characters/line, 0.31"H (0.79 cm), two lines

Engineering Units:Flow and Total in gal, liters, ft3, acre-ft, or bbl; Energy rate kBTU/hr, BTU/min, KW, Tons, J/sec or field-programmed custom; energy total units can be MBTU, kBTU, kWh, MWh, kJ, or field-programmed custom

Operating Temperature:-4° to 158℉ (-20° to 70℃)

Enclosure Rating:NEMA 4X


 :Panel mount 0.8 lb (0.34 kg);

 :Wall mount 1.2 lb (0.54 kg)

Approvals CE:

Warranty:1 year