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ePIV Series

Electronic Pressure Independent Valves ePIV Series

Electronic Pressure Independent Valves


The Belimo ePIV Electronic Pressure Independent Control Valve Series incorporates a flow meter and a 2-way control valve. The actuator has a powerful algorithm that modulates the control valve to maintain the flow regardless of variations in system differential pressure. In addition, the ePIV provides a feedback as a 0-10 VDC or 2-10 VDC to the BMS system. Depending on the system requirement, this feedback can be confgured to be either True Flow or Valve Position using the PC-Tool software.


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  • Provides constant flow regardless of pressure variations in the system.
  • Maximizes chiller ΔP, preventing energizing additional chillers due to low ΔT.
  • Simplified valve sizing and selection, no Cv calculations required.


 :P2 1/2″ - 2″

 :P6 2-1/2″ - 6″

GPM:See Datasheet

Body Pattern:Two-way

Flow Characteristic:Equal percentage / linear

Leakage Rating:0% (P2, P6 ANSI 125) ANSI Class IV (0.01% of Cv) (P6 ANSI 250)

Maximum Closeoff Pressure:See Datasheet for Models and Actuators

Materials Of Construction:

 :P2 Body- forged brass, nickel plated

 :Sensor Housing- forged brass, nickel plated

 :Ball- stainless steel

 :Stem stainless steel

 :Seat- Teflon® PTFE

 :Characterizing disc- Tefzel®

 :O-ring- EPDM

 :Packing- EPDM

 :P6 ANSI 125 Body- cast iron - GG25 and ductile iron - GGG50

 :Ball- stainless steel

 :Seat- PTFE

 :Characterizing disc- stainless steel

 :Packing- 2 EPDM O-rings, lubricated

 :P6 ANSI 250 Body- cast iron - GG25 and ductile iron - GGG50

 :Plug- stainless steel

 :Seat- stainless steel

 :Stem- stainless steel

 :Packing- EPDM NLP

Media Compatibility:chilled or hot water, 60% glycol max (open loop/steam not allowed)

Media Temperature Range:14℉ to 250℉ [-10℃ to +120℃], 39℉ to 250℉ [4℃ to 120℃] (2” EPIV models P2200S-800 through P2200S-1000 only)

Operating Temperature:-22℉ to +122℉ [-30℃ to +50℃]

Compatible Actuators:

 :P6 ANSI 125 NonSpring Return AR, GR, LR, NR series

 :P6 ANSI 125 Electronic Fail Safe AKR, GKR series

 :P6 ANSI 250 NonSpring Return EV series

 :P6 ANSI 250 Electronic Fail Safe AVK series

Body Pressure Rating:

 :P2 360 psi

 :P6 ANSI 125 according to ANSI 125, standard class B

 :P6 ANSI 250 according to ANSI 250

Warranty:5 years