Tech Talk: do you have a product that provides manual override if the controller does not support override capability?


Most people that call Technical Support are aware of popular Functional Devices’ products like RIB® relays, current sensors, power supplies and transformers, but we offer many other products that do not fit into one of those categories. In this blog, I will spotlight one such product, model RIBMNA1D0.


The RIBMNA1D0 is a track mountable, manual analog override switch, and it provides override feedback to a controller. This product allows the user to make manual adjustments to the control signal for an end device at the point of use, instead of back at the controller, which is great for testing and maintenance purposes. It offers four different analog output ranges (0-5Vdc, 0-10Vdc, 0-15Vdc and 0-20mA) selectable by jumpers, which will cover most analog control scenarios.


The controller’s analog output would connect to the RIBMNA1D0’s Signal (+) and Signal (-), and the Output (+) and Output (-) would connect to the device being controlled. The jumpers would then be set to match the analog signal coming from the controller. In Auto mode, the device passes the signal from the controller on to the end device, and the Feedback contact will be Open. When manual override is needed, the switch is put in the Manual position, and the Feedback contact will Close. Now the analog signal to the end device is being generated by the RIBMNA1D0, and it can be adjusted with the on-board potentiometer. The LEDs on the board indicate the percentage of full scale that the output is at.

If the need for a manual analog override ever pops up in one of your projects, this product is just for you. 


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