Retro Valves? Newer Ones Will Help You Fit In!

Valves. Seemingly small parts, but they make up a huge portion of school retrofit jobs. Why are valves so integral in school projects you ask? Why is it that seemingly every time you do a school project, you’re faced with old valves that need to be, at the very least, retrofitted if not replaced? Well, let’s discuss.

As one Kele

tech put it,


these valves

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Reasons customers may prefer to retrofit rather than swap the whole valve:

     •   Pneumatic Actuators

These are the leading cause of valves being retrofitted. Pneumatics are an older type of control system that uses air rather than electricity. Pneumatics are still prominent, especially in schools as well as other government and municipal facilities. So as times change, facilities are upgraded, and/or customers want to add electronic actuators/controls and retire pneumatics. Some customers may prefer or even require a specific brand of valve or actuator for various reasons. Retrofitting makes sense, and the Kele team can help you find what meets your need. As one Kele tech put it, “Retrofitting these valves is (in some ways) more art than science.”

     •   Cost

Globe valves last a lot longer and can be field repaired. Swapping an actuator is much cheaper than draining the system and/or mechanical install costs.

     •   Safety Concerns

For example, some installs have you coming face to face with asbestos. It is much safer and more cost-effective to just swap the actuator than dealing with potential health concerns that will come with replacing the entire system.

     •   Location

Sometimes (okay, most times) hanging the valve is going to be a huge undertaking. In this case, the simpler option is to retrofit what you need. So swap the actuator and keep your fingers crossed the valve doesn’t leak. (At least not until you retire…just leave a note for your successor to call Kele!)

Retrofitting schools is always a rush job (or at least it seems to feel that way every year). Valves can easily be retrofitted to electronic actuators, and Kele can help you make the best choice for your specific circumstances. We know that our massive in-stock inventory can help by getting you the valves and parts you need.

Our expert technical staff and sales team can help you make your school valve retrofit project this year one for the yearbook. Call or chat with us live on today—Kele’s got you covered.




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