Kele Launches NEW Contractor Control Panel Kit

While Kele’s custom panel shop builds thousands of panels each year, there are times when a contractor needs to assemble a panel in the field. Kele understands this and recently launched the Contractor Control Panel Kit (CCP) to make this process easier for contractors in those situations.

The CCP is designed for quick field mounting of controls. Contractors can easily install preferred control components, terminate devices, and mount the finished panel to stay on schedule. The unassembled kit is shipped with all the components needed to complete an installation.


Core components included:

  • Pre-cut aluminum DIN rail
  • Grounding lug
  • Terminal block
  • Convenience outlet
  • Inline fuse holder
  • Secondary fuse protection (2 A and 250 V)
  • Transformer (40 VA, 120:24V) or (100VA, 120:24VAC)

The CCP also provides enclosure options from Kele’s NEMA-rated RET line. Customers can select a 16×16 or 24×24 RET4 or a 20×18 or 26×20 RET1. A perforated sub-panel is included for easy component mounting. Components can be set and quickly attached with a self-taping screw in pre-punched holes.

A significant benefit of the CCP is that it allows a one-time, easy order of the kit and field devices together. This will help keep installations on schedule and allow contractors to continue generating revenue.

Shop the Kele Contractor Control Panel Kit today or contact us for more information.

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