Kele CEO Richard Campbell Joins ControlTalk Now to Discuss Kele Growth and eCommerce

On January 24, Kele CEO Richard Campbell returned to the Control Trends ControlTalk Now videocast as voting for the 2019 ControlTrends neared its deadline. Richard and Kele each received two nominations, including Executive of the Year and Distributor of the Year. Watch as Richard discusses Kele’s growth strategy, culture, integrating multiple acquisitions, eCommerce, and leadership.

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Here is an excerpt from the conversation:

Co-Host Ken Smyers: (Regarding Kele’s mission to simplify the customer’s supply chain and their lives in general.) In our industry, we’re seeing such disruption. While some people aren’t responding very well, you guys are responding enormously well.

Richard: That’s one piece of the puzzle. It’s a multi-faceted puzzle. Getting product to the customer through the cheapest means, which is ground freight, or same-day if we’re in their location. We want to reach everybody within two days max. We’re building out that footprint and getting close, but there are still a lot of areas I’d rather be one day to major metros so we can serve them as they need.

Then there are all the other components—the knowledge, the tech support behind it. The value-add of panel shop, of custom services, of having things show up calibrated and mounted when it hits the job site, so it saves them time.

Then an eCommerce platform that makes it easy for them. We just launched a brand-new program within the Kele eCommerce system called My Project Portal. It’s where a customer can upload their entire bill of material from their estimating system and have it immediately price out, show availability, and with one button you can make that happen.

That’s simplifying it to me.

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