Installation of the TDP05K Advanced Thermal Dispersion Airflow and Temperature Measuring Probe

The video above guides you through installation of the Ruskin model TDP05k.

How to install a Ruskin model TDP05K

The Ruskin model TDP05K measures and displays air flow and temperature using up to 128 sensing points per air-measuring station. The TDP05K’s surface-mounted, moisture-resistant flex sensors are designed for long life, even in the worst environments.

The TDP05K eliminates:

  • The transmitter box
  • Fixed-length proprietary cables
  • Fragile bead in-glass sensors

The complete air-measurement station has at least one primary probe. For openings that require multiple probes, additional ancillary probes are supplied. The TDP05K is the correct solution for many air measurement applications.

Check out the TDP05K, and other great Ruskin products, here.

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