How Belimo butterfly control valves are helping mushrooms grow

In the production plant of Kuhn Champignons AG, seven to eight tons of mushrooms are produced daily. To accelerate the growth, an artificial “autumn climate” is created. Under the ideal temperature and humidity, the mushrooms grow, ripen and become ready for harvest within three weeks.

But after 30 years, the existing plant and hydraulics were obsolete and no longer met the current standards of sustainable production. Therefore, the entire plant had to be renewed for the purpose of saving energy and switching to variable amounts of water.

Energy saving was defined as the main objective for the new production plant.

Additional requirements were:

• Setting up constant temperature and humidity in the production for the optimal growth of mushrooms

• Switching to variable amounts of water in order to be able to react according to the season and demand

• Installing reliable and innovative products that contribute to energy saving

Belimo’s advanced butterfly valve assembly was used to fulfill the task of dissipating the heat within the plant, which meant warm water could be pumped into the groundwater for cooling daily. The butterfly valve assembly was easy to install because of its lower height and reduced weight.

One advantage of using the Belimo product was the hand crank, which is beneficial if the need arises to switch the system to manual operation. The biggest benefit is 80% energy savings.  The advanced butterfly also guaranteed reliable operation through intelligent self-adjusting valve design Near Field Communication(NFC) along with BACnet communication provide superior application data access for easy troubleshooting, commissioning, and programming.

The advanced butterfly valve was installed in the new plant of Kuhn Champignon AG in March 2016 and has been running flawlessly. The advanced butterfly valve is the most intelligent, energy efficient, and reliable high flow solution in the HVAC market. With a focus on ease of installation, application flexibility, and longevity, this series set new performance standards.

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