Fire Safety & Prevention

And just like that, it’s fall again! Cooler temps are here which means your customer’s systems are breathing a sigh of relief and taking a break from battling high temps. But don’t let your guard down just yet!

With October (“Fire and Safety Month” to all of us HVAC folk) just a few days away, it’s time to ensure that you have a solid fire safety and prevention plan for your customers.

Fire Prevention

This year, Fire Prevention Week is happening from October 8th-October 14th, 2023. This yearly reminder is around to help get you all up to speed so you’re ready to tackle the month. Get those checklists ready and be prepared to go over your customers’ systems and make sure that nothing system-related has the potential to become a fire hazard.

Tips & Tricks for Fire Prevention

To get the most bang for your buck when it comes to fire safety and prevention, it’s imperative that your customers’ systems are in compliance with National Fire Protection Agency Codes (NFPA) 105, 90a, and 90b.

These codes will have you covered when it comes to fire and smoke systems, and all things HVAC and BAS, ensuring that they are up-to-date and fully functioning. (Want to take a look at all of the NFPA codes? Visit the NFPA here and start reading!)

Fire Prevention Checklist

  • Check for leaks
  • Ensure clear, unobstructed ducts
  • Ensure all lines are connected and that there is no damage
  • Make sure that all sensors and alert systems, especially emergency stop systems, are in working order and functioning as intended

And as always, practicing the 3Ms of HVAC will help your customers stop a future fire or some other disaster in its tracks:

  • Maintenance: do regular work to maintain the system
  • Management: manage the different aspects of the system to ensure peak performance
  • Monitoring: monitor the system and its many sensors and applications so that it is running effectively and efficiently

Kele is here to help you help your customers. Check out our favorite fire safety products on Need additional help? Call and speak with one of our technical experts today!


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