Don’t Let Your Building Be a Humid Mess

Humidity. Most days it hits us in the face the moment we step outside the reach of our HVAC systems. No matter how much we hate it though, we need it—at the correct level that is! When you have too little or too much humidity, the status quo for your building is no more. Keeping too much humidity at bay while maintaining the correct amount is paramount to keeping your customer’s HVAC system healthy.

Duct humidity sensors are a must when regulating humidity within the building. A hygrometer, a humidity sensor, senses, measures, and reports moisture levels and air temperatures. Having the correct reading on the amount of humidity within the building can be the difference between an HVAC system that is running at peak performance or one that is failing and creating an unsafe environment!

When it comes to finding the right amount of humidity each building needs, it’s all about balance! The HVAC system must regulate enough moisture to be helpful while also holding back just enough to keep itself and its building safe. When a safe medium is reached, there is less build-up when it comes to dust and bacteria, less dryness in the air, better energy efficiency, and a reduction in fire hazards. Maintaining the right balance is not easy but when you use the right products, you’re on your way to making life easier and safer for all.

Kele offers a wide variety of duct humidity sensors and humidity parts and components in general.  All are an excellent choices to meet system needs when combatting humidity. Contact your Kele sales rep., technical expert, or live chat them today to order the Kele products you need or shop with us on Don’t let humidity negatively affect your building—Kele’s got you covered.



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