Guidelines for Replacement of Old Fire and Smoke Actuators

For Belimo combination fire/smoke damper actuators intended for installation in accordance with National Protection Association Standard for Installation of Air Conditioning and Ventilating Systems, NFPA 90A, damper actuators must meet the construction and performance requirements in UL555: Standard for Fire Dampers and UL555S: Standard for Smoke Dampers. Often, customers replace damper actuators for varying reasons such as rusted, aged or damaged parts. Only an individual with field experience should replace these types of damper actuators.

The wiring diagram below illustrates roughly 75% of all applications that are in use today.

Dampers do not need to be replaced unless they are non-functional.  It is crucial when determining the need to replace damper actuators, that parts are carefully inspected.  Per the International Building Code, a damper should be tested at the time of commissioning, and again tested one year following the installation. After one year, the frequency of testing drops to every 4 years, with the exception of hospitals which require commissioning every 6 years. Periodic testing may vary by local jurisdictions, but most jurisdictions follow the requirements in NFPA 80and NFPA 105. Be sure to consult with your local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) to ensure your damper actuator is in compliance with required codes and standards.

It is important to note that if any fire alarm wires or equipment are touched that you have the fire alarm system tested to the satisfaction of the AHJ.  When changing out fire/smoke damper actuators you need to provide an equal or better actuator. While not stated explicitly in any code, it is assumed that the actuator will be UL 555 and/or UL 555S listed with the damper manufacturer. Belimo fire and smoke actuators are UL listed with all the US damper manufacturers.

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Fire and Smoke Damper Actuators

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