Data Centers: The Need for Speed!

I feel the need—the need for speed!” –Maverick and Goose, Top Gun

Not many of us have what it takes to be a fighter pilot. However, most contractors will attest to two common elements when working on a data center project—job pressure and, above all, the need for speed. While the stakes are not nearly as high as those in a dogfight, the fight to the finish is real. And Kele has been the perfect wingman on countless data center projects.

After all, helping you think through your plan of attack, anticipating project needs, getting your components fast, and providing technical assistance in a pinch is what Kele does best.

Data center construction itself continues to grow at lightning speed and shows no sign of slowing down. As the need for more facilities grows, speed to project execution is front and center and puts significant pressure on the job. It may even feel like “build, fit, design” rather than “design, fit, build.” Fortunately, there are smart ways to maneuver and accomplish your mission on time. 

Plan…but plan quickly.

Think through what you need, how it should all come together, and the potential functionality desired. Often the desired components are not overly complex—sensors, actuators, flow switches, air handler components, temperature controllers, moisture detectors, etc. However, does the owner want to be able to change server racks often? Should rewiring be minimized—eliminating hanging wires in favor of moving components from panel to panel? Are wireless sensors preferred to detect issues between hot and cold aisles? There are many possibilities. Kele’s project services and technical teams can help you think through this quickly and select the best components.


Whether a smaller server room, large single-tenant building, or mega-facility that leases space, the general needs for data centers are consistent. In many ways, the setup of most data centers is similar, and owners often prefer standardization. Your project may call for a large or small panel. You may prefer to select and use your own components. You may “simply” need a quick turnkey system, in which case Kele’s Instapanel could be appropriate. However that standardization is defined, Kele’s panel shop can help you build the right solution and repeat it fast and efficiently.

Product availability and logistics

Nothing can be delivered with speed if it’s not available. Find a partner who can deliver. Kele’s inventory of 1.8 million parts in stock from 300+ suppliers is on standby. We have what you need and offer same-day shipping from our distribution center.

The next time you’re feeling the pressure of a data center project—and have the need for speed—call Kele. We can be your wingman anytime.

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