Considerations for Converted Hospital Space

Between high cost and low capacity, the healthcare industry has taken blow after blow while combatting the current pandemic. Global news has focused on the numerous obstacles healthcare professionals have had to overcome (and continue to) in their fight against the virus.

The spotlight has also shone on what goes into creating hospital-like environments and how ships, tents, hotels, and vacant malls and office buildings undergo a transformation. Contractors work feverishly behind the scenes to equip all these structures with the proper health and safety measures, including HVAC systems. Fortunately, to date, much of this converted space has been minimally occupied and remains a precautionary option.

However, when more hospital space is needed, it’s important to get the required components you need to make sure your job and system stay up and running. Kele carries a variety of parts and accessories that aid in HVAC retrofit and building to help keep facilities safe. For example, think economizers. An economizer system is comprised of a duct and damper arrangement and automatic control system typically found in rooftop unit applications. The economizer solution allows a cooling system to supply outdoor air to reduce or eliminate the need for mechanical cooling during ideal conditions. Depending on the control method selected, CO2, temperature, humidity, and other air characteristics are collected. The economizer controller then determines whether the air should be allowed to enter the building or not, and controls the damper actuator accordingly

Ensuring proper airflow in these converted structures will require either the installation of HVAC systems or the retrofit of systems already in place. The damper and actuator system will need evaluation, as well as taking into consideration retrofit solutions such as economizers, mentioned above. These systems allow for negative and positive pressure rooms to be set up to help slow and ultimately stop the spread of COVID-19. Without proper ventilation and pressure, healthcare workers and patients are at a higher risk to contract and spread the virus.

The Kele team is ready to help get you what you need when you need it. Our technical service staff is also able to provide project support in the field and help you troubleshoot from beginning to end. Click here to visit our focused content and featured products for the healthcare market. And shop Kele’s lines of economizers and dampers and actuators.

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