Back to Basics: Don’t Let a Mismatched Signal Delay Profitability

The profitability of a small job can be erased by even the slightest delay. Some delays are unavoidable. However, delays caused by mismatched signals are. Kele frequently hears from customers in the field who need fast delivery of replacement parts due to a signal mismatch.

For example, the input for the replacement may be 4-20 mA, but the old one is 0-10 VDC, which is what is coming from the controller. Job stalled! A delay so close to completion means the project’s profit is sitting, waiting…for the “right part.”

Regardless of what incorrect signal you have, Kele’s Universal Analog Transducer—the UAT-1—can bridge the gap to move the job forward and keep revenue flowing. Keeping one of these handy devices in your truck will allow you to change any analog input signal (current, voltage, or resistance) into any current or voltage output signal you need. Something as simple as a mismatched signal should not cause a job delay, and Kele’s UAT-1 ensures it will not.

Give Kele a call, and we will be happy to go over the capabilities and field calibration of the device.

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