A Flow Meter with Features That Raise the Bar, Not the Price

Kele offers a variety of flow meters for commercial applications. The FLOMEC® QSE Mag Meter from Great Plains Industries delivers impressive performance and innovative features for a competitively priced mag meter. Launched in late 2017, the QSE Mag Meter is an excellent choice for water/ wastewater, cooling tower deduct, turf, landscape, and other water reclamation applications.

The QSE reads flow rates with an accuracy of ± 0.5% and provides cumulative total monitoring in applications. With no moving parts, the QSE permits open unobstructed flow, minimizing flow disturbances and straight pipe requirements, resulting in less maintenance and downtime. The wide turndown ratio of 60:1 reads accurately at low flow rates to detect unintended fluid transfer and measure total volume of fluid movement.

The QSE provides an optional input/output interface module, the QSI, that can be used with many telemetry applications. The QSI offers basic 4-20mA and pulse outputs, a BTU calculator allowing for temperature inputs, data logger, and Modbus protocols through an RS-485 connection.

Additionally, the QSE uses Bluetooth® wireless technology—compatible with the FLOMEC mobile phone app—for complete meter configuration and programming in minutes. This allows real-time viewing of meter operation and the ability to receive technology downloads and feature upgrades via Bluetooth. For contractors, this means ease of use and programming without expensive software.

Learn more about the FLOMEC QSE Mag Meter.

View the QSE data sheet here.

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