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Did you know that Kele has a team of professionals dedicated to ensuring that your panels are built with 0 mistakes?

We have discovered that as many as 95% of the submitted panel layouts need adjusting in order to meet the customer’s stated needs?

Over our 30+ year history, our panel experts have found two general areas with regard to panel layouts that make up as much as 95% of the changes required to ensure correct panel operation. This is why Kele has a dedicated team that provides value-added services on the front end, such as “No Charge” panel review of your submitted diagrams, in order to ensure your panel operates the way you expect it to – flawlessly.

So, what are the two most common areas that we have identified that can cause failure in the field?

#1 Sizing

Often, the dimensions listed for what goes inside a panel are not optimum. The most typical reason for this sizing issue is the submitted drawing not being “Drawn to Scale”. This can delay the building process and if not corrected can lead to a faulty panel.

Our Solution

We recommend that you should always scale your project in detail. The two most common ways to achieve this is to do it virtually or physically. Here at Kele we always scale every panel design prior to assembly. In the early days, we would actually use cardboard cutouts of the exact sizes/dimensions and then test assemble them in the way the diagram instructed. Today we lean heavily on the newest technologies available.

#2 Typos in Circuitry

Faulty connections or direct short errors often occur because of a misprint or an error in methodology. It is very important to us that we meet or exceed our committed production schedules. We know that you are depending on us to get you the right panel at the agreed upon time. Therefore, our panel estimators always check for obvious wiring inconsistencies on the front end of any panel build. Kele also reviews all of the circuitry before the build and then tests the circuitry after the build to ensure that your panel is safe and working the way that you expect it to be working.

Our Solution

We double-check your drawings. More times than not we have found the error to be as simple as a typo or cut & paste mistake on the submitted drawings.  If you can make double sure that all circuits are hitting your intended points it can help remove the guesswork, avoid a phone call and help us ensure your panel is built in the time frame you require.

There you have it! Our goal is to avoid any mistakes and deliver to you a control panel that you can be proud to provide to your customer!

Remember, Kele has over 200 years of direct panel building experience as well as over 10,000 square feet of dedicated build space for our custom panel solutions. Whether it is a control panel for a retrofit or new construction, Kele’s panel experts have been taking the guesswork out of the panel building process for over 33 years.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Kele Panel Building Process or if you would like a no-obligation quote for your next panel project just give us a call or submit a panel proposal by clicking here!  Because at Kele “We make it Easy”.

Final thought for your consideration, due to our enormous in-stock panel parts inventory our panel team turns around a panel build request in an average of 3 weeks, which is nearly a week faster than our leading competitors!  Check out our panel fabrication products here.

Contact Kele today to see how we can help you improve your bottom line with our custom panel building expertise!

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