Kele’s UL Panel Shop: Your Source for Meeting Code

Did you know that when you assemble power supplies, controllers, relays, transmitters, and all that other stuff into an enclosure for your control panel, there’s a rule in the NEC that requires your panel to be listed and labeled as an industrial control panel?

Article 409 of the NEC is devoted to the installation of industrial control panels, which are defined as an assembly of two or more components consisting of:

  1. Power circuit components only, such as motor controllers, overload relays, fused disconnect switches, and circuit breakers;
  2. Control circuit components only, such as pushbuttons, pilot lights, selector switches, timers, switches, control relays; or,
  3. A combination of power and control circuit components.

Articles 100 and 110 of the NEC further insist on listed and labeled equipment where such safety standard exists. An informational note in Article 409 refers the installer to UL 508A as an example of a suitable safety standard for industrial control panels. Kele’s UL 508A panel shop can fulfill your needs for a listed and labeled industrial control panel. Send us those drawings in whatever format you choose, and we can help make your panel conform.

So what is UL 508A all about? It’s all about safety – safety from fire, and safety from personal injury. The standard stipulates everything from enclosure type to wire size. There’s a lengthy part about proper separation of power circuits from Class 2 circuits. There are standards that must be met for every part installed in the panel that is upstream of Class 2 circuits. There are labeling requirements for many different scenarios. There are requirements for overcurrent protection and short circuit protection. In sum, a UL 508A panel is a safe panel.

Why Kele? Our UL Panel shop is authorized by UL to list and label your panel as meeting UL 508A standards. Our staff is regularly trained, and a UL inspector makes sure that our work is up to snuff.

We have recently added an additional 1,800 square feet to our panel shop, for a total of 6,720 square feet.

This means we have the capacity to handle your largest projects.

See below for some pictures. We currently have 23 people on our Panel Team with over 150 years on combined experience in BAS/panel building. We’ve also added a new Panel Review Team that will inspect all panel drawings before the panels are moved into production to eliminate any issues or questions plus a Panel Shop Manager, Lisa Bennett, who will make sure your panel is built to spec, on-time and tested before it ships to you, ready to install.

Call Bennie Crowder today at 888-397-5353 or email us at to get your control panel UL listed. We’ll build it up to the standard, test it, and ship it to you ready to install. Our normal lead time for building panels is 2 weeks or less plus there is an expediting option for quicker shipment.  For more information on our panel shop, please visit

Repeat / NSTA Panel Assembly Area
Custom Panel Assembly Area
Inspection / Pack Out Area

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