Are You a Victim of Contractor Compounding?

In the financial world, compounding is a good thing, but in the contracting world, it can be your enemy. See if this sad tale we constantly hear from our customers sounds familiar.

Work is up, and you have a lot of parts to order. After tons of phone calls and Web searches, you locate the parts you need and place purchase orders with all the different sources. So far, so good. But then the parts start to rain in from everywhere. You’re getting multiple shipments because you bought from multiple sources. Most vendors today stock little or nothing, so each one sends what they can when they can. Meanwhile, you have to receive those parts, check them in, and decide what to do with them—taking time and effort you don’t have to spare, especially if you’re trying to do it on the job site.

And it just gets worse. You start to get partial invoices from all those compound shipments, dragging your accounting department into the chaos. And you pay the price for ordering from so many different sources—the freight on all those small shipments sure adds up, doesn’t it? We haven’t even gotten into multiphase projects or future orders. Multiply all this work by the number of projects you have going, and contractor compounding eats up your time and your resources and affects your bottom line.

Your skilled Kele support staff has the cure for contractor compounding.  Below is a small sampling of the value added services that will be leveraged to save you time and money:

Lower Your Project Cost – we garner competitive rates for the parts you need, lowering your total project cost

Improve Your Material Plan Execution  We ensure material is easy to locate upon delivery to the job site to avoid unnecessary delays. Learn More 

Improve Your On-Time Execution – We send material on a just-in-time basis.

Vendor Consolidation – We serve as the single-source solution for your vendor communications – one phone call to Kele relays relevant information to all suppliers.

A call to Kele at 877-826-9045 is one that will actually pay the good kind of dividends….just another way we “make it easy”! 

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