Temperature Sensor Curve ID Numbers


Need help figuring out what type sensor you need for your automation system?  This handy temperature curve chart might help.  If not, give Kele a call!


Sensor Type Temperature Sensor Description  Typical Sensor User
3 10,000Ω @ 77°F, Type III material    AET, American Automatrix, Andover, Carrier, Delta, Invensys, Teletrol, York
21 2252Ω @ 77°F, Type II material Anderson Cornelius, JCI (A319)
22 3000Ω @ 77°F, Type II material Alerton, ASI, ATS, Snyder General
24 10,000Ω @ 77°F, Type II material Alerton, Automated Logic, TAC (INET), Triangle Microsystems, Trane
27 100,000Ω @ 77°F, Type II material Siemens (Landis and Staefa)
42 20,000Ω @ 77°F, Type IV material Honeywell (XL)
63 1000Ω nickel RTD @ 70°F JCI
81 100Ω platinum RTD @ 32°F,
385 curve
Transmitter available for any user
85 1000Ω platinum RTD @ 32°F,
385 curve
JCI, Siemens, Trane (transmitter available for any user)
91 1000Ω platinum RTD @ 32°F,
375 curve
JCI, Trane (transmitter available for any user)
5 1000Ω Balco RTD @ 70°F TAC (Siebe) (transmitter available for any user)


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