Extend Your Reach with the ST-A Series by Precon

Kele’s Precon brand has a sensor solution for ALL your application needs, even the odd ones!

Job site situation #1: You need a temperature sensor for your tank or cooling tower sump, but they don’t make one long enough. Special ordering one seems daunting. What if it doesn’t work out and you can’t send it back? Precon has a solution for you. If your sensor probe isn’t long enough to reach your desired depth, create an extension! This solution allows you to measure the temperature without having to drain the tank or drill a hole. It also prevents you from having to buy a special length sensor and well. By simply creating a PVC pipe extender as shown below, and attaching Precon’s ST-A* temperature sensor to the other end, you’ve solved your unique application with a very simple, and in-stock (*) Precon sensor.

Job site situation #2: You need several sensors within the same well or tank, detecting the temperature throughout your pool. You can use a similar solution to the one shown above with just some additional PVC pipe as shown below. Run your wires through the pipe and affix the conduit to the side of your tank or well and voila! Precon solves another problem!

* ST-A sensors not typically requested may not be stocked.

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