Green Buildings need Clean Electrical Power for Sustainability

Major changes are taking place in the United States as we all move forward to reduced energy consumption and utilization of renewable energy sources in our homes, offices, campus environments, and factories.

As new technology becomes available with ever increasing returns on investment many owners are ready to become part of the “Green Movement” that is currently taking place all across america. No question about it the time is right for all us to move forward with our Green initiatives.

With this in mind it is important to understand the goal here is to save money across all of our operating budgets. The two basic tenets of a green operation are energy efficiency and sustainability. In order for a building, process or product to be truly “green” it must achieve both of these goals.

There are many products and services available today that can dramatically reduce our consumption, improve our efficiencies, and supplement our energy sources. These new technologies VFDs, LED lighting, Building automation Systems, Solar generation, Battery Storage, to name a few all have one thing in common, they affect the the power distribution in our building in many ways. Many times it is a combination of these building changes that begin to interact with each other.

For example, having re-lamped an entire garage with LED lighting retrofits a hospital was pleased with the energy savings they were enjoying until they had failures of the lights due to to power quality issues in the building during generator operations. All of the energy savings were lost due to the cost of replacement electronics.

Sustainability of the equipment in our buildings is highly dependent on the Power Quality within our buildings. Many repairs or glitches within our systems can be traced back to power quality issues when adequate Power Quality Monitoring is done.

In the past it has been an expensive time consuming effort to have power quality surveys done in the buildings. Most cases these were done after the fact when problems had already caused major disruptions and equipment failures. This reactive method of understanding the Power Quality Dynamics of our building may have gotten us by years ago, but with all of the new changes taking place a more proactive real time Power Quality Monitoring Solution is needed.

The ability to install powerful “Real Time” Power Quality Meters with alarming functions and data collection is now highly cost effective and key to maintaining sustainability of our buildings. These PQUBE Power Quality meters are like the Black box recorder on an aircraft. They sit within the electrical cabinets and switchgear monitoring Power Quality 24/7 in real time.

Once an event is detected they generate alarms and reports as to what the event was, how long it lasted and most important they identify their location which is critical in understanding our buildings operations.

Taking only 30 min to install, and no software to learn the PQubes are the most cost effective and useable Power Quality Meters to date. Their small footprint (about the size of your hand) allow them to be retrofitted into existing electrical panels, transfer switches, and switchboards at many locations within your building.

As we make these major investments in green technologies it only makes sense that we know our buildings Power Quality, real time, all the time. PQube Power Quality meters put you ahead of problems before they become disasters.

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