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Update!! The ENG-ETH Ethernet Communication Module for endicator is now available. It reads data from the endicator™ main processor, formats the data, and transmits it over Ethernet using BACnet IP, Ethernet IP, and Modbus TCP protocols. The module also hosts a website where meter status can be viewed using any browser that supports Adobe Flash.



For 30 years Kele has been the building automation industry distribution leader, providing parts, solutions, and world class personal customer service. Kele works hard to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to industry changes while always focusing on maintaining the highest level of customer service.  Our power monitoring offering is no exception. Kele has been offering a wide variety of power monitoring brands and products since 1983 and building power monitors since 1993.

Power monitoring is not new to the building automation and energy management industries. Those that have been around building automation and energy management systems can, almost jokingly, say “We were green before green was a thing.” However power monitoring has changed. With the growing focus on saving energy and resource management, power monitoring has been thrust to the forefront of building automation and energy management.  Enter endicator™. Kele’s new power monitor.


Kele’s endicator™ power monitor, introduced earlier this year, is the cutting edge of power monitoring devices. Designed with future upgradability in mind, the endicator™ power monitor gives user the ability to make changes and perform upgrades in the field. Firmware, communication capabilities, and other features can be upgraded according to changes in your customer’s needs. This kind of forward thinking sets endicator™ apart from the others. Think of it as “future proof”.

Here are just a few of the many features of the endicator™ power monitor:

  • NEMA 4 enclosure standard
  • KWH Accuracy class 0.5% ANSI C12.20 For meter alone with unmatched CTs.
  • 0.5% system accuracy with factory calibrated matched CTs.
  • Data port for setup and trend retrieval
  • Measure voltages up to 32,000 VAC (voltages over 600 VAC require the use of a potential transformer, not included)
  • Supports 0.333V safe CTs and 5A CTs (must use optional 5A adapter board)
  • BACnet MSTP, LonWorks, N2 and Modbus RTU available
  • Password protected configuration
  • Powered by separate 24 VAC supply
  • On-board data logging
  • Auto configuration
  • Upgradable firmware through data port
  • Bidirectional power measurement
  • CSI (California Solar Initiative) approved

Kele doesn’t stop there. We also offer power monitoring units from Honeywell, Veris, and WattNode.

Honeywell H-Series The Honeywell H-Series 500 submeters, available from Kele, feature a direct-read 8-diget LCD display of cumulative kWh. The H-Series 500 also is UL Listed and meets or exceeds ANSI C12 national accuracy standards. Communication options include Modbus RTU or TCP/IP, BACnet IP or MSTP, and LonWorks.
Veris’ E50 Series power meters, also available from Kele, provide a solution for measuring energy data with a single device. The E50 series is conveniently mounted on DIN rail, has password protection capability, and works with popular 0 to .333V or 0 to 1V current transformers. Veris E50
 WattNode The WattNode NC series AC power meters can communicate over 50 values via BACnet and over 27 values via LonWorks. WNC series meters have diagnostic LEDs that provide per-phase indication of power to help with installation and troubleshooting.

These are just a few of the many power monitoring devices that are available from Kele. We also have current transformers, current transducers, voltage potential transformers, and more – all with Kele Inventory, Kele Service, and Kele Technical Support. Check out our complete power monitoring line at Kele – Your Source For power monitoring.

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