Lights Out?

As many of you may be aware there was a very highly important football contest televised this past Sunday.  I will not name the contest because I do not wish to draw the attention of the sanctioning body or it’s league offices.  During this unnamed football contest there was a strange occurrence, an anomaly, a freaky thing: the power went out.  There were no lights on one side of the stadium.  It brought the game to a halt and many, myself included, stayed tuned to the broadcast.  I read the following day that (however they estimate these things) not a single viewer was lost.  Hmm….

After thinking about it for a while my guess is that many like me stayed glued to the broadcast because in America today power outages are a bit of a novelty.  The power was restored 34 minutes after it went out and the game went on.  It was a good one too.  But I still had to wonder about the power outage and what happened.  I’m sure that everything was checked and double checked – but it still happened.  Chances are that if you are reading this you have most likely seen something like in your professional career.  Have you been part of a project that was checked, double checked, and something still went wrong?  Please share: either reply here or send to  I might even pick a winner or two and send out some prizes. 



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