Managing Shipping Costs

In today’s economy, all of us are looking for ways to be more cost effective. One cost that is visible is shipping & transportation. Companies look for ways to trim expenses in this area. Kele helps our customers do this by being proactive in our efforts to efficiently manage the supply chain process.

Here are a few ways that Kele helps you be more cost effective.

1) When you place an order with Kele, the product is shipped out of our warehouse, the same day you place your order with us. Most manufacturers have either a very early cut off time for same day shipping, or they have a 24 hour process time. Rarely will you get a drop ship order that goes out the same day directly from a manufacturer.

2) Most orders from customers contain products from different manufacturers. Since Kele carries $10 million in inventory from different manufacturers, we can consolidate the products into fewer packages. Fewer packages equal lower shipping costs. We have also negotiated very favorable pricing that allows Kele to ship your packages in an expedited time frame. This means you get your products faster, and at a lower cost.

3) When Kele says free shipping, it really is free! Since we purchase products in large volume to bring into our warehouse, we have been able to take advantage of manufacturer’s free freight offers. Their minimums are usually quite high, over $1000 and up. These minimums are easy for Kele to meet, therefore, no added cost to the customer.  To be eligible for KeleSaver free freight, your order must be placed through, shipping to one of the 48 contiguous states and the order total must be $750 or above.  Click here to learn how to receive KeleSaver free freight.

Another way that Kele helps with your shipping cost, is that we offer kitting. We will package your bill of materials into one shipment, tag it for specific locations on your job site, and ship in time for you to receive on the date you specify. Having your products from different manufacturers, shipped from one location, to your job site – this eliminates the cost of your employees time sorting and moving products around on the job site. That’s a cost that isn’t charged to you, but surely comes out of your bottom line.

We want to help you manage your shipping cost, and we do that by managing ours.

Kele – “We make it easy”.

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