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  • In-House Technical Expertise

    The whole idea of Kele started with the unique needs of BAS engineers and contractors in mind – an idea that has grown into 30 years of outstanding customer service and unmatched technical support. In fact, our client-facing, onsite technical team has a total of 350 years combined experience.

    Hands-On Advice

    In addition to our invaluable years of field experience, another advantage that Kele Tech Support has always had over our competition is our extensive inventory. There is only so much practical advice you can give when only using technical documents, internet content, photographs, and catalog pages. Sometimes it is necessary to have an actual device in your hand to help a customer, and that is a luxury we enjoy here at Kele.  

    The Best of Both Worlds

    The bottom line is this - we invest in both the people who manage our $15 million inventory so that you can get your products shipped quickly, and we invest in the people who take care of our customers’ needs on both a strategic and tactical level. With Kele you really get the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS - all of our employees work together as a team to make sure that Kele provides the most comprehensive and dependable solutions in the industry.

    You can depend on our experienced tech team to handle your technical concerns accurately and quickly. Call Kele at 877.826.9045 today!