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VB-9223-0-5-12 | Schneider Electric Buildings | Control Valves

2W 2-1/2IN 125# G.F. CV=56.0

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product family specifications


1/2" to 2" FNPT, 2-1/2" to 6" flanged

Cv Range

0.4 to 40 (NPT bodies); 56 to 500 (flanged bodies)

Body Pattern

Two-way, three-way mixing or diverting


1/2" to 2": from 5:1 (Cv=0.4), up to 75:1 (Cv=40)

2-1/2" to 6": 100:1

Leakage Rating

ANSI Class IV, 0.01% of Cv

Maximum Closeoff Pressure

Actuator dependant, see Ordering Information

Pressure Drop

35 psid (241 kPa) for water; 20 psid (138 kPa) for steam

Pressure Rating

1/2" to 2": ANSI B16.15-1985, Class 250 (400 psi (2756 kPa) @ 20° to 150℉ (-7° to 66℃), decreasing to 321 psi (2215 kPa) at 281℉ (138℃));

2-1/2" to 6": ANSI B16.1-1993, Class 125 (200 psi (1380 kPa) @ 20° to 150℉ (-7° to 66℃), decreasing to 169 psi (1166 kPa) at 281℉ (138℃))

Flow Characteristic

Two Way Equal %

Three Way Linear

Materials Of Construction

1/2" to 2": Bronze body/plug/seat, stainless steel stem and spring-loaded TFE packing;

2-1/2" to 6": Cast iron body, bronze plug/seat, stainless steel stem and spring-loaded TFE/EPDM packing

Media Compatibility

Hot or chilled water, steam (up to 35 psig (241 kPa)), glycol (up ro 50%)

Media Temperature Range

20° to 281℉ (-7° to 138℃)


Two-way stem up to close and stem up to open models; three-way mixing or diverting

Actuator Mounting

Threaded mounting yoke

Compatible Actuators

Electric Forta Series or DuraDrive Series shown on following pages; pneumatic see MK Series in PNEUMATICS & FITTINGS catalog section.

Operating Temperature

Actuator dependant, refer to following pages for specifications


Actuator dependant, refer to following pages for specifications


2 years

product family features

  • Low-profile body
  • High quality, proven history of performance
  • Self-adjusting packing design
  • Wide temperature range 20° to 281℉ (-7° to 138℃)
  • Pneumatic or electric actuation choices
  • Available pre-assembled or separately
  • Two- and three-way body patterns
  • Mixing and diverting 3-way body patterns
  • Balanced plug design on flanged models

more information & related documents

Family Description

The Schneider Electric VB Series globe valves are available in 1/2" to 2" threaded, bronze body, VB-7XXX models, or in 2 1/2" to 6" flanged, cast iron body VB-8XXX models. The flanged valves have a patented balanced plug design. The balanced plug design allows water or steam to flow through the valve plug, equalizing the pressure on the top and bottom of the plug which greatly reduces the force required to operate and close these larger size valves.The VB Series valves are designed for control of chilled water, hot water, or steam in the HVAC industry and have a long history of high quality and reliability. They are available pre-assembled with electric or pneumatic actuators, or available without actuator for field assembly.

Kele Description

2W 2-1/2IN 125# G.F. CV=56.0


Schneider Electric Buildings

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