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product family specifications


3' (0.9 m) 18GA plenum rated cable

Life Expectancy

100,000+ cycles

Materials of Construction

Plastic, aluminum, steel


Orange actuator

Fail Safe

35 seconds (not on all models), 35 sec

Supply Voltage

24 VAC/VDC, 120 VAC, 230 VAC

Control Signal

On-Off, floating or proportional (MFT functionality optional)

Noise (Actuator Type)

SV Series 55 dB

LV Series 45 dB

EV/RV Series 65 dB

Conduit Connection

1/2″ conduit fitting appliance cable


Dependent on model

Auxiliary Switch

Add-on, @SPDT, 3A @ 250V,

Force (Actuator Type)

LV Series 112 foot lbs (lbf)

SV Series 337 foot lbs (lbf)

AVK Series 450 foot lbs (lbf)

EVB Series 562 foot lbs (lbf)

RVB Series 1011 foot lbs (lbf)

Compatible Actuators

Actuator included in part number

Actuator Mounting

Included in part number

Drive Time

90 sec (variable on MFT)

Operating Temperature

-22° to 122℉ (-30° to 50℃)

Operating Humidity

5-95% non-condensating

Enclosure Rating

NEMA 2 / IP54, UL enclosure type 2


cULus, UL 60730-1A/-2, -14, CAN/CSA E60730-1:02, CE 2004/108/EC, 2006/95/EC


5 years

product family features

  • Increased force ranges for higher close-off pressures
  • Field selectable fail-safe actuator positions
  • Lower power consumption during operation
  • Cast Aluminum linkage
  • Locking coupler feature to prevent slipping
  • Centering device on linkage to assure proper alignment
  • Manual override capability

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Family Description

The Belimo UGVL, SGVL, WGVL, AND FGVL Series New Generation Linear Globe Valve Actuators and Retrofit Linkages offer greater power and flexibility. Engineered to suit a broad range of HVAC applications, both the New Generation Actuators and Retrofit Linkages are highly adaptable making selection, installation, and long-term service worry-free. New force ranges is from 112 lbf [500N] to 1011 lbf [4500N] and there is a broader travel range from 0.6″ (15 mm) to 2″ (50 mm). With a universal format, these retrofit linkages and actuators will fit most globe valves on the market today.

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