My Project Portal!

Designed to make your life easier when you need to quickly upload a material list, search/add additional parts, collaborate with others, plus much more!

Go to My Project Portal now.

It’s time. Upload your BOM today.

  • Step 1: Save out material list in Excel with QTY in column A and PART # in column B.
  • Step 2: Go to My Project Portal and click to upload your file.
  • Step 3: Save as an order template, list, or project and follow instructions to order.

And don’t forget about the benefits you already receive from working with Kele, such as one PO, one invoice, technical expertise, access to 1.8 million parts in stock from 300+ suppliers, and custom project services!

Watch full overview to learn about features.

  • Ability to organize your uploaded file as a list, project, or order template.
  • Customize by adding additional parts through predictive search, adjusting qtys.
  • Sharing capabilities across your account.
  • Feature to email to others on your account or print for internal signoff.
  • Options to add descriptions and tags.
  • Filtering by various tags, favorites, dates created, etc.
  • Access to large-volume discounts and offers if available.
  • And more …