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  • Custom Calibration Solutions

     Calibration Graphic 

    At Kele, we use precision calibration equipment to set your specified signal ranges and engineering units. Most orders are calibrated and shipped the same day.   

    Calibrated Products

    • Differential Pressure Transmitters  
    • Temperature Transmitters  
    • Resistance Transducers  
    • Displays for All Engineering Units  
    • Flow Transmitters  
    • Power Supplies  
    • Universal Analog Transducers  
    • Sequencers  
    • Isolators  
    • Lighting Contactor Initiators 
    • Pulse to Analog Transmitters 


    Call our Technical Support Team for help troubleshooting:  

    • Wire tracing to identify any errors or concerns  
    • Zero and span adjustments to ensure accurate readings and indication 
    • Connection of calibrated devices to the automation system 

    Kele Calibrated Products (to name a few):

    • T91U 1000 Ohm 375 Platinum RTD Rangeable Transmitter  
    • LPI-1C 3-1/2 Digit LCD Panel Display  
    • DCP-1.5-W DC Power Supply  
    • UCM-420A Set Point Controller  
    • UCS series Sequencer Control Module  
    • DT13E Isolated DC-to-DC Transmitter  
    • UAT Universal Analog Transducers  
    • RES-1E Universal Resistance Transducer  
    • PWA Pulse/Tri-State-to-Analog Transducers  
    • PVI Pressure Transmitters  

    Calibration Requests

    Kele Sales Representatives will answer your calibrations questions and alert you to special calibrations requirements at the time of your order. For answers to specific questions now, call 877-826-9045 or email