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    Kele’s entire business model is founded on the concept of providing a “one-stop solution” – where not only can you find EVERYTHING YOU NEED FROM ONE SUPPLIER, but also get it quickly and know that you have the technical support when you need it most.

    At Kele, we not only simplify your supply chain process, but we also KEEP YOUR PROJECT ON TIME with:

    • One Product Source: 3 Million parts in stock from over 300+ suppliers.  

    • One Source for Availability: Over $25 Million in inventory ready to ship same-day.  

    • One-Call (or Chat) Tech Support: With over 350+ years of combined experience, our technical sales team is ready to help you spec a job or troubleshoot issues from the field.  

    Product Availability & Selection


    Not only can we provide immediate access from our inventory-based sales, but for those products we don’t stock, our extensive supplier network of over 300 manufacturers provides us with the ability to offer the LARGEST SELECTION OF NON-STOCKED PRODUCTS too. We do this through our vendor relationship program, which allows us to nurture and grow strategic relationships with all the brands you have come to know and trust over time, as well as all of the new innovations that are frequenting the market more and more every day. With this flexibility, you can rest easy knowing that we can get you ANY PART YOU NEED for both current and future projects that come your way.