CP-8500 Series

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CP-8500 Series

Electronic/Pneumatic Transducer CP-8500 Series

Electronic/Pneumatic Transducer


The CP-8500 Series electronic/pneumatic transducers handle a wide variety of pneumatic valve and damper applications that require a 3-15 psig control signal from an electronic controller output. The CP-8551 electro pneumatic transducer is a basic two-wire loop-powered unit with 4-20 mA input. The CP-8552 transducer is a 3-wire unit with a jumper-selectable input for 4-20 mA, 6-9 VDC or 0-10 VDC. The CP-8511 pneumatic transducers have a variety of jumper-selectable inputs, a pressure gauge, manual override, and 20 VDC power output for auxiliary components.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
CP-8511-024 TRANSDUCER 6-9IN 3-13#OUT In Stock375.33168.90
CP-8552 4-20MA CURRENT/6 TO 9VDC/0 TO 10VDC XDUCER In Stock223.20100.44
EP-8000-2 E/P TRANSDUCER In Stock443.64199.64
EP-8000-4 EP TRANSD. 4/20MILLI-A H; HI-VOL INFO459.56206.80


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  • Panel or DIN-rail mount for quick snap-on installation
  • High accuracy and low hysteresis for precise control
  • Long-term, driftless operation with high repeatability for long life and high performance
  • Low air consumption to save energy
  • High airflow capacity to handle large pneumatic components and long tubing runs
  • Models with field-selectable inputs
  • Integral 20 VDC auxiliary power supply, pressure gauge and manual override on CP-8511

Supply Voltage:

 :CP-8551 None, 4-20 mA loop powered

 :CP-8552, -8511 20 to 30 VAC, 50/60 Hz or 24 to 30 VDC

Supply VA:3.9 VA (CP-8552)

Supply Watts:

 :CP-8552 1.6 W maximum

 :CP-8511 3.8 W


 :CP-8551 4-20 mA

 :CP-8552 4-20 mA, 0-10 VDC, 6-9 VDC, jumper selectable

 :CP-8511 4-20 mA, 1-5 mA, 6-9 VDC, 1-5 VDC, 0-10 VDC, 1-11 VDC, 2-10 VDC, jumper selectable

Input Impedance:

 :CP-8551 550Ω

 :CP-8552 550Ω (current input); >10 kΩ (voltage input)

 :CP-8511 250Ω @ 4-20 mA; 1000Ω @ 1-5 mA; >10 kΩ for voltage inputs

Output:3-15 psig (21-103 kPa)

Output Voltage:20 VDC auxiliary output (CP-8511 only), 50 mA maximum

Wiring Terminations:Screw terminals for 16 to 22 AWG wire


 :CP-8551, -8552 Direct acting

 :CP-8511 Direct or reverse acting, jumper selectable

Air Capacity:550 scim (150 ml/s)

Air Connections:Barbed fittings for 1/4" OD tubing

Air Consumption:0.012 scfm (5.66 ml/s) @ 20 psig (138 kPa) supply

Maximum Pressure:30 psig (207 kPa) maximum

Media Compatibility:Clean, dry air; 20 psig nominal supply pressure

Linearity:± 1% of span @ 75℉ (24℃)

Hysteresis:0.75% of span @ 75℉ (24℃)


 :CP-8552 Adjustable start point and span potentiometers for voltage input

 :CP-8511 Field adjustable zero potentiometer

Manual Override:Auto/manual switch enables output override using a manual output potentiometer, LED goes off when in Manual mode (CP-8511 only)

Feedback:Auto/manual feedback provided by isolated open collector output transistor (OC, OE) (CP-8511 only)

Operating Temperature:32° to 140℉ (0° to 60℃)

Operating Humidity:5 to 95% RH, non-condensing

Mounting:Vertical, within 5°

Enclosure Rating:NEMA 1


 :CP-8551, -8552 4.6"H x 2.8"W x 2.6"D (11.8 x 7.1 x 6.8 cm)

 :CP-8511 4.6"H x 5.0"W x 2.6"D (11.8 x 12.7 x 6.8 cm)


 :CP-8551, -8552 0.4 lb (0.2 kg)

 :CP-8511 0.8 lb (0.4 kg)

Approvals:UL File #E9429; CSA, C22.2 No. 24-93; CE, EMC Directive 89/336/EEC, low voltage directive 72/23/EEC

Warranty:1 year