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BTU4500 Series

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BTU4500 Series

Combustion and Emmisions Gas Analyzer BTU4500 Series

Combustion and Emmisions Gas Analyzer


The E Instruments BTU4500 combustion & emissions gas analyzer is the latest and most innovative all-in-one tool for complete boiler and burner set-ups, servicing and maintenance for HVAC, commercial and industrial applications. The BTU4500 can be configured for up to 4 different gases including O2, CO, CO2, NO, NOx, SO2, NO2 and/or CxHy. The BTU4500 also simultaneously measures and displays efficiency excess air, draft, pressure, and temperature. It has a large color backlit display with zoom functions, heavy duty metal connections, a 10' dual hose with 12″ probe, data memory, wireless Bluetooth, PC software, field replaceable sensors, auto saving features, built-in pressure manometer, built-in CO leak detector, and an integral built-in non-fading printer. Also included are a Li-Ion rechargeable battery and AC plug, USB cable, software, vinyl case, calibration certificate, water trap, and an extra roll of printer paper.


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  • Up to FOUR gas sensors
  • Low NOx and total NOx
  • CO sensor with NOx filter
  • Draft and differential pressure
  • 2 channel thermometer
  • PC software with auto saving


 :O2, CO, CO Diluted, NO Electrochemical

 :NO2, LOW NO and/ or

 :low NO2, SO2,

 :H2 compensated with

 :built-in NOx filter

 :CO2, NOx, Excess Air, Calculated


 :Tair Pt100

 :Tgas Tc K

 :Pressure/Draft Semiconductor


 :O2 0-25 %

 :CO 0-8000 ppm

 :H2 compensated with

 :built-in NOx filter

 :CO Diluted 0.8 %-5.00 %

 :CO2 0-99.9 %

 :NO, NOx, SO2 0-5000 ppm

 :NO2 0-1000 ppm

 :Low NO and/or low NO2 0-500 ppm

 :Tair -10° to 212℉ (-10° to 100℃)

 :Tgas -4° to 2280℉ (-20° to 1250℃)

 :Pressure/Draft ±0-80 inH2O

 :Excess Air 0-850 %

 :Efficiency 0-100 %


 :O2, CO2, Efficiency 0.1 %

 :CO, CO2, NO2, NOx, SO2 1 ppm

 :H2 compensated with

 :built-in NOx filter

 :CO Diluted 0.01 %

 :Low NO and/or low NO2 0.1 ppm

 :Tair, Tgas 0.1℉ (0.1℃)

 :Pressure/Draft 0.001 inH2O

 :Excess Air 1 %


 :O2 ±0.2 % vol

 :CO ±10 ppm (0-200 ppm)

 :H2 compensated with ±5 % rdg (201-2000 ppm)

 :built-in NOx filter ±10 % rdg (2001-8000 ppm)

 :CO Diluted ±10 % rdg

 :NO ±5 ppm (0-100 ppm)

 :±5 % rdg (101-5000 ppm)

 :NO2 ±5 ppm (0-100 ppm)

 :±5 % rdg (101-1000 ppm)

 :Low NO and/or low NO2 ±2 ppm (0.0-40.0 ppm)

 :±5 % rdg (40.1-500.0 ppm)

 :SO2 ±5 ppm (0-100 ppm)

 :±5 % rdg (101-5000 ppm)

 :Tair 0.1℉ (0.1℃)

 :Tgas ±0.5℃ (-20° to 100℃)

 :±0.5 % rdg (101 to 1250℃)

 :Pressure/Draft ±1.0 % rdg

Warranty:2 years: Analyzer and all sensors