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VT8350 Series

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VT8350 Series

Programmable Fan Coil Controller VT8350 Series

Programmable Fan Coil Controller


The Viconics VT8350 Series are fan coil room controllers so smart energy management has never been easier. Designed for new construction and retrofit projects, the room controllers dramatically decrease project delivery costs by reducing installation, configuration and commissioning time. No complex software or tools are required to customize functionality in order to meet your applications requirements. The room controllers provide all the advanced features and monitoring functions required by modern building automation systems in a simple compact enclosure. The VT8350 Series are specifically designed to provide exceptional temperature control of multi-speed fan coil units. All models can provide advanced occupancy routines and automatic energy savings during occupied periods without sacrificing occupant comfort. When compared to traditional building automation controllers, the VT8350 Series fan coil room controllers provide unmatched return on investment. For more advanced needs, custom LUA script programming available. (-LS models)


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
VT8350U5000B T-STAT/FCU/RH/NO PIR/24VINFO854.00478.24
VT8350U5500B T-STAT/FCU/RH/PIR/24VINFO1,114.00623.84
VT8350U5500BP RH ZIGBEE PIR LOW VOLINFO1,398.00782.88


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  • Five (5) customizable colors for digital touch screens
  • Supports the upload of a custom standby screen
  • Supports the display of custom messages when integrated via BACnet MS/TP
  • English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and other selectable languages
  • Interchange between ℃/℉
  • BACnet MS/TP (default model)
  • ZigBee Pro wireless mesh network (optional)
  • Suitable for both commercial and hospitality markets and systems
  • Humidity sensor with on-board dehumidification strategy (model dependent)
  • Configurable fan sequence of operation

Supply Voltage:19-30 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Supply VA:6 VA

Accuracy :Temperature, ±0.9℉ (±0.5℃)

Digital Inputs:Dry contact

Universal Input:Dry contact or 10K Type 2 Model 24 thermistor

Display:Two line backlit LCD, ±0.2℉ (±0.1℃)

Cover Controls:

 :Zone Models Up/down/override buttons

 :Heat/Cool “on” LEDs

 :FCU Models Up/down/℃-or-℉/fan/mode buttons

 :Fan/Heat/Cool “on” LEDs

Remote Sensor:Thermistor, 10K Type 2 Model 24

Control Type:Proportional plus integral (PI)

Cycles Per Hour:Adjustable

Setpoint:Adjusted depending on heating or cooling mode, heating and cooling setpoints are changed simultaneously with respect to the deadband

 :Cooling limits 54° to 100℉ (12℃ to 37.7℃)

 :Heating limits 40° to 90℉ (4.5° to 32℃)

Keypad Lockout:Selectable system/fan/unoccupied

System Setting:O=off, H=heating, C=cooling, A=automatic changeover

Fan Setting:L=low, M=medium, H=high, A=auto

Wiring:16-24 AWG, 22 AWG recommended

Color:White or Silver

Mounting:Standard vertical, 2″ x 4″ box

Operating Temperature:32° to 122℉ (0° to 50℃)

Operating Humidity:0 to 95% RH (non-condensing)

Enclosure Rating:UL FR1, flame retardant plastic

Dimensions:4.72″H x 3.38″W x 1.00″D

 :(12.0 x 8.6 x 2.5 cm)

Weight:0.75 lb (0.34 kg)

Approvals:UL Listed File #E234137, cULus, CE

Warranty:1 year