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TH8000 Series, TB8220 Series

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TH8000 Series, TB8220 Series

VisionPro™ Programmable Thermostat, Wi-Fi Accessible TH8000 Series, TB8220 Series

VisionPro™ Programmable Thermostat, Wi-Fi Accessible


The Vision Pro™ T_8000 Programmable Thermostat is a seven day programmable thermostat designed for universal system compatibility. These seven day programmable thermostats are easy to program for precise comfort control. Programming is done using the large clear backlit display by just touching the screen and following the menu. The thermostat is configurable for system type (Conventional/Heat pump), system stages (1H/1C through 3H/2C) and fan control (electric/gas), with some models offering humidity control features. The T_8000 is powered by 24 volt AC and/or 3 AAA batteries for time and program retention.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
73226 COVER ASSY TA167 V SP 3SSINFO109.1461.12
TH8110R1008 VISPRO 8000/PROG/1H/1C/HPIn Stock708.00396.48
TH8320R1003 VISPRO 8000/PROG/2H/2C OR 3H/2C W/HPIn Stock786.00440.16
TH8320ZW2003 HW-TH8320ZW2003 ZWAVEINFO643.00360.08
TH8321R1001 VISPRO 8000/PROG/2H/2C OR 3H/2C W/HP W/IAQIn Stock865.00484.40
TH8321WF1001/U VISPRO 8000/PROG/WIFIIn Stock800.00448.00
TH9320WF5003 THERMOSTAT WIFI 9K COLOR TOUCHIn Stock863.00483.28


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  • Five-year warranty
  • Scheduling or non-scheduling
  • Large backlit touch screen display
  • Menu touch screen interaction
  • Fan switching (touch screen)
  • System switching (touch screen)
  • Setpoint and configuration (touch screen)
  • 1H/1C or 2H/2C or 3H/2C HP
  • Heat pump O = on or B = on
  • Emergency heat (electric/gas)
  • De-humidification control models
  • Fahrenheit or Celsius operation
  • 24 VAC and/or 3-AAA batteries
  • Wi-Fi accessible versions (WF)
  • 10-year built-in memory retention
  • Base included
  • Remote sensor option (room or OSA)
  • Seven-day schedule or manual
  • 12- or 24-hour clock
  • 2 or 4 occupied/unoccupied periods per day
  • Adaptive intelligent recovery
  • Proportional + Integral control
  • Integral adjustment (Fast, Norm, Slow)
  • Minimum compressor off timer
  • Cycles/hour for cooling and heating
  • OSA heat pump compressor lockout
  • Screen lockout (partial/total)
  • Auto daylight savings time
  • Service reminders (TH) (filter, UV lamp, humidity pad)
  • 30-day low battery indication
  • Clean screen timer
  • Change over (manual or auto)
  • SP hold permanent or time out (TH)
  • Holiday and override (TB)
  • Individual setpoint range stops H/C
  • Extended fan run time
  • Temperature display offset ±3℉
  • Installer test function
  • Adjustable H/C deadband
  • Economizer/scheduled contact (TB)

Supply Voltage:20-30 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Battery:Optional, 3-AAA

Accuracy:±1°F (0.5°C), system dependent

Supply Current:H/C - 1.0A, fan - 0.6A

Memory:10 years, then 3-AAA batteries required

Sensor Type:Built-in 10K thermistor

Remote Sensor:Room or OSA (accessory required)

Contact Type:SPST relays

Control:Proportional plus Integral (PI)

Dead-band:Adjustable, 2°/9°F, (1.5°/5°C)

Setpoint/Setback:Adjustable with programmable limits

 :Heating 40 to 90°F (10 to 32°C)

 :Cooling 50 to 99°F (10 to 37°C)

 :RH 40 to 80%, (TH8321)

Keypad Lockout:Unlocked, locked completely, or locked except setpoint

Display:3.5" x 2.5" backlit touch screen, temperature, humidity (TH8321), system, fan, time, day, setpoint, service reminders (TH), OSA temp if wired

Display Offset:±3°F (1.5°C), in 1°F (0.5°C) increments

Touch Screen Controls:

 :Setpoints Up/Down

 :System Heat/Off/Cool/Auto

 :Fan Control On/Auto/Circ (TH), On/Auto (TB)

 :Schedule 7 day, 2 or 4 periods

 :Hold (TH) Permanent or time out

 :Holiday (TB) Time out by days

 :Clock 12-hour or 24-hour, ±1 min./month

 :Screen °F/°C, backlight

 :Override Occupied time out

 :Menu Service set up, over 40 parameters

Wi-Fi Access (WF):Requires a Total Connect Account

Color:Premier white

Wiring:Terminals for 18 AWG wire

Operating Temperature:0° to 120°F (-18° to 49°C)

Operating Humidity:0 to 90% RH (non-condensing)

Mounting:Horizontal with base included

Enclosure Rating:NEMA 1, White plastic, indoors only

Dimensions:4.56"H x 6.0"W x 1.37"D

 :(11.6 x 15.24 x 3.5 cm)

Weight:1.1 lb (0.5 Kg)

Approvals:California Title 24 (TB), ADA compliant

Warranty:5 years