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TC-1100 Series

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TC-1100 Series

Two Position Room Thermostats TC-1100 Series

Two Position Room Thermostats


The TC-1100 Series Two-Position Room Thermostats are two-position, single-pole, double-throw room thermostats for HVAC applications and Building Automation Systems, BAS. These room thermostats are designed for single-stage heating or single-stage cooling. The TC-1100 Series thermostat comes in three set point spans to cover most any application: 55° to 85℉, 45° to 75℉, and 75° to 105℉. The TC-1100 Series thermostat comes standard with thermometer and set point as shown. It is also packaged with cover plates for set point only or for blank cover.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
TC-1101 ELECTRIC 2-POS ROOM T'STATIn Stock314.00175.84
TC-1101-116 ELECTRIC 2-POS ROOM TSTAT 13-29CINFO516.00288.96
TC-1102 2-POS SPDT RM. TSTAT 45-75FINFO648.00362.88
TC-1103 SPDT 2 POS ROOM T'STATIn Stock454.00254.24
TC-1161 THERM 2 SPDT EACH 55-85INFO1,434.00803.04
TC-1161-479 2/SPST 45-75F & 75-105FINFO1,523.00852.88
TC-1191 THERM SPDT CENTER OFF 55-85FINFO493.00276.08
TC-282 THERM 3 STAGE BULB STAT 10-90INFO3,505.001,962.80
TC-2931 STRAP-ON CHANGEOVER STATIn Stock74.0041.44
TC-2974 CHANGEOVER THERMOSTATIn Stock357.00199.92
TC-4111 2 POS REM BULB T'STAT -40/120INFO302.00169.12
TC-4112 REMOTE BULB THERM 100-260FINFO451.00252.56
TC-4211 2 STAGE/SINGLE T'STATINFO862.00482.72
TC-5231 AUTO RESET FREEZE STATIn Stock235.00131.60
TC-5241 FREEZESTAT MAN RESETIn Stock250.00140.00


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  • High and low voltage
  • Thumbwheel set point
  • UL listing
  • Plates with set point or blank cover
  • Fits standard single-gang switch box

Supply Voltage:24-240 VAC

Contacts Rating:

 :Cooling SPDT 3.0A @ 24/120V, 1.5A @ 240V

 :Heating SPDT 4.4A @ 24/120V, 2.2A @ 240V

Pilot Duty:40 VA @ 24V, 210 VA @ 120/240V

Control Type:Two-position, on/off

Sensor:Bimetal snap acting

Range Limits:Dial stop pins

Differential:2°F (1°C)

Connections:6.0" (15.24 cm) leads, 14 AWG

Mounting:Vertical, 2" x 4" (5.1 x 10.2 cm) switch box

Dimensions:4.38"H x 2.86"W x 1.63"D

 :(11.13 x 7.26 x 4.14 cm)

Weight:0.8 lb (0.36 Kg)

Approvals:UL File #E9429

Warranty:2 years


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