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TB6575, TB8575 SuitePro™ Series

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TB6575, TB8575 SuitePro™ Series

Honeywell Digital Fan Coil Thermostat TB6575, TB8575 SuitePro™ Series

Honeywell Digital Fan Coil Thermostat


The Honeywell TB6575, TB8575 SuitePRO™ Series is a family of digital fan coil thermostats for residential and commercial applications such as hotels, condominiums, school classrooms, etc. All three models are suitable for multiple applications. Changes in output wiring and external links between wiring terminals allow you to configure the thermostat for the appropriate application. Valves and auxiliary electric heaters can be controlled using a relay or contactor controlled by the system switch.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
TB6575A1000 UNIVERSAL 120/240VAC LINE VOLT (2 OR 4 PIPE)In Stock359.00201.04
TB6575B1000 120/240VAC LINE VOLT (2 PIPE ONLY)INFO345.00193.20
TB8575A1000 UNIVERSAL 24 VAC LOW VOLT (2 OR 4 PIPE)In Stock335.00187.60


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  • Simple, intuitive user interface.
  • Pre-installed lead wires for fast installation (TB6575A and TB6575B models only)
  • Backlit display permits easy viewing in any light.
  • Proportional plus Integral (P+I) control algorithm for precision temperature regulation.
  • Adjustable deadband for auto changeover using the Heat and Cool setpoint settings.
  • Adjustable maximum heating and minimum cooling setpoint limits using range stops.
  • EEPROM permanently retains user settings, including setpoints, during power loss (no batteries required).
  • Selectable °C or °F display via Installer Setup.
  • Optional remote indoor temperature sensor.
  • Freeze protect algorithm turns on heat when needed.

Supply Voltage:

 :TB6575A1000 and TB6575B1000 120 VAC ±10% at 50/60Hz

 :240 VAC ±10% at 50/60Hz

 :TB8575A1000 20 to 30 VAC at 50/60Hz

Contact Ratings:

 :Fan Relay 24 VAC 1.0A

 :120 VAC 6.0A

 :240 VAC 3.0A

 :Heat/Cool Relay 24 VAC 1.0A

 :120 VAC 1.0A

 :240 VAC 1.0A

Onboard Temperature Sensor:Type 10K NTC

 :Working Range 0° to 120°F (18° to 49°C)

 :Display Range 32° to 99°F (0° to 37°C)

 :Accuracy ±2.0°F at 70°F

Remote Temperature Sensor (optional) (Type 42):

 :Type 20K NTC

 :Working Range 0° to 120°F (18° to 49°C)

 :Display Range 32° to 99°F (0° to 37°C)

 :Accuracy ±2.0°F at 70°F

Remote Pipe Sensor (optional) (Type 42):


 :Type 20K NTC

 :Working Range 32° to 199°F (0° to 93°C)

 :Display Range 32° to 199°F (0° to 93°C)

 :Accuracy ±5.0°F over the temperature sensing range

Remote Setback Input:


 :TB6575 9 VDC, < 4 mA

 :TB8575 16 VDC, < 5 mA

 :TB6575/TB8575 Dry contact, maximum resistance of 100Ω

Operating Temperature:0°F to 120°F (18°C to 49°C)

Operating Humidity:5% to 90% RH, non-condensing

Dimensions:5.81″W x 3.81″H x 1.13″D (14.8W x 9.7H x 2.9D cm)

Weight:1.0 lb (0.45 Kg)


Warranty:2 years


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