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T87, T8775 Series

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T87, T8775 Series

Residential Thermostats, Non-programmable T87, T8775 Series

Residential Thermostats, Non-programmable


The Honeywell T87, T8775 Series is the latest design of the most recognized thermostat in the world. The T87 is an analog- or digital-display thermostat made for typical residential use on heating and cooling systems with either conventional heat or heat pump. Kele is the leading supplier of building automation products. When you need the right product, right now, count on Kele.


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T87N1000 ROUND ANLG STAT 1H/1C (HP)SYS-H/O/C/FAN AUTO/ONIn Stock208.00116.48


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  • Mercury-free design
  • Traditional look for existing systems
  • Power-stealing design (T87, T8775)
  • ℉ or ℃ selectable (digital types only)
  • Standard terminal designations

Supply Voltage:

 :T87, T8775 24 VAC power-stealing

Accuracy: ±1℉ (±0.5℃), (T8775) ±2℉ (±1℃), (T87N)

Contact Rating:1A relay, (T87N) Electronic, (T8775) 0.02A to 1.5A triac

System Compatibility:Conventional gas/oil and electric (all models) Heat pump, (T8775)


 :T89N Analog Bi-Metal

 :T8775 Digital LCD, 0.75 sq in, ℉ or ℃, backlit

Controls: Fan, system, set point

 :T87 Dial and slide switches

Stages: 1 heat and 1 cool, manually switched

System Switch: Heat/Off/Cool

Fan Switch: Auto/On

Set Point Range :

 :Heat and Cool 40° to 90℉ (4.5° to 32℃) , (T87N)

 :Heating Digital 40° to 90℉ (4.5° to 32℃), (T8775)


 :Cooling Digital 50° to 99℉ (10° to 37℃), (T8775)

Control Type:Proportional plus integral (PI)

Compressor Cycle:Adjustable cycles per hour (T8775)

Minimum Compressor off Time:Five minutes, fixed (T8775)

Wiring: 18 to 22 AWG, no shield required

Night Setback Recovery:Adaptive intelligent recovery

Color: White

Operating Temperature:

 :T8775, T87N 40° to 110℉ (4° to 43℃)

Operating Humidity:5% to 90% RH (all models)


 :T87, T8775 Round 3.69″ diameter x 1.75″ deep (1.5 x 0.7 cm)

Weight: 0.75 lb, (0.34 Kg)

Warranty: 5 years