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SE7600 Series

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SE7600 Series

Single and Multistage Programmable and Non-programmable Thermostats SE7600 Series

Single and Multistage Programmable and Non-programmable Thermostats


The Schneider Electric SE7600 Series is a digital display single or multistage 7-day programmable or non-programmable PI thermostat (°F or °C). It is used with AHU control and heat pump for both heating and cooling applications. The SE7600 has both system and fan switching with internal or remote sensor capabilities. Five buttons control a simple menu for setup of over 20 configurable parameters. Other control features are listed below.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
SE7652B5045 T-STAT/2H/2C/PROGINFO372.00208.32
SE7652H5045 T-STAT/3H/2C HEAT PUMP/PROGINFO349.00195.44
SE7656B5045 T-STAT/2H/2C W/ECONOMIZER/PROGINFO443.00248.08
SE7657B5045 T-STAT/2H/2C W/HUMIDITY PROGINFO519.00290.64


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  • Fan switching (on/auto/smart)
  • System switching (off/auto/cooling/heating)
  • Two line 8 digit backlit LCD Display
  • Three status LEDs (fan, cooling, heating)
  • Five control keys
  • Remote and outside air sensor inputs
  • Two configurable digital inputs
  • Fahrenheit or Celsius operation
  • Permanent program retention
  • Temporary setpoints
  • Proportional plus integral control
  • Cycles per hour for heating and cooling
  • Screen lockout (partial/total)
  • Power fail start up delay
  • H/C changeover (manual or auto)
  • Adjustable deadband
  • Individual setpoint range stops H/C
  • Extended fan run time
  • Extended occupancy time
  • Frost low limit protection
  • Outside air lockout H/C
  • No logo on thermostat
  • Room sensor calibration
  • Outside air calibration
  • Two or four events per day
  • Progressive recovery or none
  • 12 or 24 hour clock
  • Six-hour clock retention
  • Occupied/unoccupied output contact
  • Mixed-air (0-10V) control output
  • Mixed-air sensor input
  • Mixed-air setpoint
  • Economizer changeover temp
  • Outside air damper minimum position (percent)
  • Configurable heat pump O/B control
  • OSA lockout for HP emergency/comp heating

Supply Voltage:20 to 30 VAC @ 2 VA, 50/60 Hz

Display:Two-line backlit LCD

Controls:Five menu-driven buttons: up, down, menu, no, yes/scroll

Thermostat Type:7-day programmable and non-programmable models

Optimal Start:Progressive recovery enable/disable

Heat Pump High/Lo:Outside air lockout (emergency heating/compressor heating)

Stages Available:1H/1C, 2H/2C, (3H/2C heat pump) 2H/2C + proportional mixed air economizer

Memory (Schedule):Permanent, EEPROM

Clock:Six-hour power-fail retention

System Switching:Off/Auto/Cool/Heat

Fan Switching:On-continuous

 :Auto-on demand

 :Smart-(on/occupied, off/unoccupied)

Control Accuracy :±0.9℉, (±0.5℃) at 70℉ (21℃)

Setpoint Range:

 :Heating 40° to 90℉ (4.5° to 32℃)

 :Cooling 54° to 100℉ (12° to 37.5℃)

Setpoint High/Low Limits :Individually-adjustable heating / cooling

Remote Sensor :

 :Room Sensor Room sensor input auto-detected 10K Type 2 thermistors

 :Outside Air Outside air input auto-detected 10K Type 2 thermistors

 :Mixed Air Mixed air input auto-detected (economizer model only) 10K Type 2 thermistors

Ancillary Inputs:Two dry-contact digital inputs, applied for:

 :Service/status reminders

 :Filter alarm

 :Night setback clock

 :Remote occupied override timer

Control Output:1A relays, 30 VAC, SPST, 3A surge maximum

Auxiliary Contact Output:1A relay, 30 VAC, SPDT, follows occupied schedule

Mixed Air Output:Proportional 0-10 VDC, 2KΩ minimum impedance (economizer model only)

Control Type:Proportional plus integral

Dead Band:Adjustable 2° to 4℉ (1° to 2℃)

Outside Air Lockout Limits:

 :Heating 15° to 120℉ (26° to 49℃), 5° increments

 :Cooling -40° to 95℉ (-40° to 35℃), 5° increments

 :Low Limit Protection Enable/disable, heating on at 47℉ (5.5℃)

Power-up Delay:Adjustable 10 to 120 seconds

Keypad Lockout:3 levels, (full, none, partial)

Cycles Per Hour:Adjustable, heating 3-8; cooling, 3-4

Display Offset:Adjustable ±5℉, (±2.5℃), 1℉ increments

LED Indicators :Three green “on” (fan, cooling, heating)

Wiring:18 AWG - 22 AWG

Mounting:Standard vertical 2″ x 4″ box


Operating Temperature:32° to 122℉ (0° to 50℃)

Operating Humidity:0 to 95% RH non-condensing

Enclosure Rating:NEMA 1, UL FR1 flame retardant plastic

Dimensions:4.94″H x 3.38″W x 1.13″D

 :(12.5 x 8.6 x 2.9 cm)

Weight:0.75 lb (0.34 Kg)

Approvals:UL File #E234137, CE, RoHs

Warranty:1 year


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