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Proportional Room Thermostat  RTC-2P

Proportional Room Thermostat


The Model RTC-2P Room Thermostat Proportional Controller features two proportional outputs (heating and cooling). The plus Integral (PI) proportional controller is suitable for pressure dependent VAV box control, as well as fan coil, baseboard, or air handler applications. With this thermostat controller, the occupant controls include a digital display and buttons for set point adjustment and night setback/setup override. The Model RTC-2P temperature controller comes with a remote setback input for use with Building Automation Systems, BAS, and a changeover input for one-pipe system applications. Field setup is through push buttons with adjustments for setback temperatures, deadband, and ℉ or ℃ display.


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I950-0091-00 42.2K OHM RESISTORS FOR RTC-2P/0-10V CONF/TWIN PAKINFO6.803.81


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  • Digital display for ℉ or ℃
  • Set point adjustment buttons
  • Night setback manual button or clock input
  • Remote sensor input
  • Changeover input
  • Two proportional outputs - heating and cooling
  • PI control algorithm
  • 0-10V or 2-10V outputs

Supply Voltage:24 VAC ±20%, 50/60 Hz

Supply VA:3 VA

Outputs:Proportional, 2-10V standard, 0-10V configurable (install 42k resistor in R14/R15)

Control:PI algorithm


 :Remote sensor 10K Type III thermistor

 :Changeover Contact or thermistor, Type III

 :Setback Isolated 24V contact

 :Shutdown Isolated 24V contact

Controls:Setpoint buttons up/down, Setback-enable button or 30 minute override

 :Range 40° to 90℉(4° to 32℃)

Display:0.35″(0.89 cm), two-digit LCD

Proportional Band :

 :Cooling 1.8℉ (1.0℃)

 :Heating 2.7℉ (1.5℃)

Reset Integral Time:15 minutes

Changeover:Contact or 80℉ (26.6℃) with a Type III thermistor

Deadband:-1.8° to 9.0℉ (-1.0°to 5.0℃)

Dimensions:4.0″H x 4.9″W x 1.2″D

 :(12.45 x 10.16 x 3.05 cm)

Weight :0.45 lb (0.2 kg)

RoHS Statement:Yes

Warranty:1 year


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