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RDY2000, RDY2000BN

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RDY2000, RDY2000BN

BACnet or Conventional Commercial Room Thermostat RDY2000, RDY2000BN

BACnet or Conventional Commercial Room Thermostat


The Siemens Series RDY2000 Commercial Room Thermostat is designed for light commercial HVAC systems that utilize 24 VAC control circuitry. It is compatible with forced air, hydronic, or steam systems fired by gas, oil, or electricity. The thermostat can control up to three stages of heating and three stages of cooling in a conventional system and heat pumps systems with up to two compressors and two stages of auxiliary heat. The RDY2000 can interface with remote sensors and devices to completely manage all aspects of room comfort, including temperature, humidity, and air quality. The RDY2000BN is BACnet MS/TP compatible for communication with other network devices.


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  • Compatible with conventional and heat pump applications
  • Controls conventional systems with up to three stages of heating and three stages of cooling
  • On-board temperature and humidity sensors
  • Set-up Wizard enables rapid system configuration
  • Remote Sensors (Occ, CO2, RH, Temp, Doorswitch)
  • BACnet MS/TP version available (RDY2000BN)
  • Programmable, 7 day, 4 periods/day
  • CO2 sensor input to start fan and ventilation
  • Password protected installer set-up menu deters unauthorized changes
  • Selectable lockout levels to minimize tampering with set points and schedule
  • Sleek design with backlit 5″ LCD touch screen

Supply Voltage:24 VAC ±20%, Class 2, 4A max.

Amp Load per Contact:1.0A

Battery: 3AA (included), required

Keypad Lock :Yes, 3 levels

System Compatibility:


Heat Pump:4H/2C

Protection Delay:Adjustable, 1-10 min.

Minimum Run Time:Adjustable, 1-10 min.

Case Size: 4.3″H x 5.5″W x 1.2″D (10.9 x 14.0 x 3.05 cm)

Remote Sensor:Optional (temp/humidity/CO2/Motion)

Temperature Display:45° to 95℉ (7° to 35℃)

Diplay Size:2.5″H x 4.3″W (6.4 x 10.9 cm)

Temp Resolution:1℉ (0.5℃)

Economy Offset:Programmable

Differential:Adjustable, 1° to 10℉ (0.5° to 5℃)

Deadband: Adjustable, 1° to 10℉ (0.5° to 5℃)


Communication:BACnet MS/TP

MS/TP Communications:9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 76800, 115200, baud rate

MS/TP Load:1/8 (96 KΩ), internal network bias

Fan Switch: AUTO-ON

Comfort/Economy:Programmable, 7 day, 5+2, 5+1+1

Comfort Periods:Up to 4 per day

Operating Temperature:23° to 122℉ (-5° to 50℃)

Operating Humidity:Up to 95% RH, non-condensing

Enclosure:NEMA 1

Output:Pilot duty, 1A max per output, 4A max total

Storage Temperature:-13° to 158℉ (-25° to 70℃)

Approvals:cUL File # E35198, FCC, ICES (Canada), NOM-NYCE (Mexico), Regulatory Compliance Mark (Australia), CE

Product Weight:0.72 lb (0.33 kg)

Product Dimensions:4.3″H x 5.5″W x 0.2″D (10.9 x 14.0 x 0.5 cm)

Shipping Weight :0.88 lb (0.4 kg)

Shipping Dimensions 5.0″H x 6.0″W x 1.75″D (10.2 x 15.25 x 4.5 cm):