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Kele Sensor Thermowells and Well Adapters WB, WS

Kele Sensor Thermowells and Well Adapters


The Kele Model WB Brass Wells are compatible with noncorrosive liquids. They will withstand a maximum temperature of 400℉ (204℃) at a static pressure of 1000 psi (6.9MPa). Models WS 304 Stainless Steel Wells are compatible with corrosive or noncorrosive liquids. These will withstand a maximum temperature of 1000℉ (538℃) at a static pressure of 4500 psi (31 MPa).


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
FB3 1/2IN NPT TO 1/8IN NPS ADAPTERIn Stock25.5014.28
FB3-K BRASS 1/2IN NPT TO 1/8IN NPS ADAPTERIn Stock20.0011.20
FS-3 1/2 IN MALE TO 1/8 IN FEMALE SS ADPTIn Stock45.9025.70
WB-12 WELL 12 IN BRASS BULBIn Stock644.64361.00
WB-18 WELL 18 IN BRASS BULBINFO635.46355.86
WB-2.5 WELL 2.5 IN BRASS BULBIn Stock40.8022.85
WB-4 WELL 4 IN BRASS BULBIn Stock84.6647.41
WB-6 WELL 6 IN BRASS BULBIn Stock139.7478.25
WB-9 WELL 9 IN BRASS BULBIn Stock116.2865.12
WBF-2.5 WELL 2.5 IN BRASS W/ADAPTERIn Stock58.1432.56
WBF-4 WELL 4 IN BRASS W/ADAPTERIn Stock76.5042.84
WBF-6 WELL 6 IN BRASS W/ADAPTERIn Stock104.0458.26
WBF-9 WELL 9 IN BRASS W/ADAPTERIn Stock123.4269.12
WS-12 WELL 12 IN STAINLESS BULBIn Stock325.38182.21
WS-18 WELL 18 IN STAINLESS BULBIn Stock637.50357.00
WS-2.5 WELL 2.5 IN STAINLESS BULBIn Stock99.9655.98
WS-4 WELL 4 IN STAINLESS BULBIn Stock120.3667.40
WS-6 WELL 6 IN STAINLESS BULBIn Stock162.1890.82
WS-9 WELL 9 IN STAINLESS BULBIn Stock154.0286.25
WSF-2.5 WELL 2.5 IN 304SS W/ADAPTERIn Stock82.6246.27
WSF-4 WELL 4 IN 304SS W/ADAPTERIn Stock127.5071.40
WSF-6 WELL 6 IN 304SS W/ADAPTERIn Stock127.5071.40
WSF-9 WELL 9 IN 304SS W/ADAPTERIn Stock164.2291.96


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Warranty:1 year

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