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TT809 Series

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TT809 Series

Minco 1000 Ohm Platinum RTD Rangeable Temperature Transmitter TT809 Series

Minco 1000 Ohm Platinum RTD Rangeable Temperature Transmitter


The Minco TT809 1000Ω Platinum RTD Rangeable Temperature Transmitter is specifically designed for HVAC, industrial and building automation applications. It has a zero setting that can be established anywhere from -50° to 212℉ (-45° to 100℃) and span from 30° to 320℉ (17° to 180℃). The Model TT809 comes factory calibrated, and once installed, it can be field calibrated with high precision DVM and decade box. To calibrate the transmitter simply adjust the zero point to match the calibration reference. The gasketed cast-metal housing provides excellent weather resistance. The screw terminal connections on the transmitter circuit, 1/2" NPT threaded connection, and adjustable mounting brackets simplify installation. Several varieties of precision 1000Ω platinum RTD probes are easily mated with the transmitter housing.


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  • Switch-set rangeable with zero and span
  • One-point field calibration
  • Non-polar loop connections
  • Weatherproof sensor interface housing
  • Noninteracting zero/span adjustment

Supply Voltage:9.4-35 VDC

Accuracy: Transmitter accuracy ±0.1% of span

Transmitter linearity ±0.1% of span:

Sensor accuracy ±0.12%:

Signal Output:4-20 mA @ 730Ω , two-wire, loop powered

Rangeability: Zero -50° to 212℉ (-45° to 100℃)

Span 30° to 320℉ (17° to 180℃):

Sensor Type: 1000 platinum RTD, two-wire

0.00375 Ω/Ω/℃ TCR:

0.00385 Ω/Ω/℃ TCR:

Operating Temperature:-40° to 185℉ (-40° to 85℃)

Enclosure: Cast aluminum moisture-resistant 1/2" FNPT and gasketed cover, suitable for outdoor use, UL #459L

Averaging Sensor:Copper

Probe: Stainless steel

Wiring Terminations:Screw terminals; non-polar, for connections either way; 4" (10 cm) 22 AWG leads


Duct:0.8 lb (0.36 Kg)


12':1.5 lb (0.68 Kg)

24':2 lb (0.91 Kg)

50':3.6 lb (1.63 Kg)

OSA:0.75 lb (0.34 Kg)

Immersion:0.75 lb (0.34 Kg)

Wall:0.75 lb (0.34 Kg)

Warranty: 3 years


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