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TT801, TT807 Series

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TT801, TT807 Series

Minco Platinum RTD Temperature Industrial Transmitter TT801, TT807 Series

Minco Platinum RTD Temperature Industrial Transmitter


The Minco TT801 and TT807 two-wire 4-20 mA temperature transmitters connect to platinum 100 Ω and 1000 Ω RTDs. The TT800s are custom calibrated for those tough high and low temperature application ranges. These compact transmitters are extremely rugged and have excellent performance specifications.The TT801 accepts a two-wire or three-wire 100 Ω RTD input, and the TT807 accepts a two-wire 1000 Ω input. The 4-20 mA signal is factory calibrated over the full range of the user-specified temperature span to provide excellent performance for either thin film or wire-wound platinum RTDs.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
TT801PD1A XMTR 100 OHM 20/120FINFO263.00147.28
TT801PD1BI XMTR 100 OHM 30/130FINFO263.00147.28
TT801PD1BK XMTR 100 OHM 40/140FINFO263.00147.28
TT801PD1BN XMTR 100 OHM 30/240FINFO263.00147.28
TT801PD1BW XMTR 100 OHM 0/250CINFO263.00147.28
TT801PD1C XMTR 100 OHM 0/100CINFO263.00147.28
TT801PD1EN XMTR 100 OHM -20/140FINFO263.00147.28
TT801PD1H XMTR 100 OHM 40/90FINFO263.00147.28
TT801PD1JW XMTR 100 OHM 0/500CINFO263.00147.28
TT801PD1KK XMTR 100 OHM 30/180FINFO263.00147.28
TT801PD1M XMTR 100 OHM -50/50CINFO263.00147.28
TT801PD1N XMTR 100 OHM 32/122FINFO263.00147.28
TT801PD1S XMTR 100 OHM 0/100FINFO263.00147.28
TT807PF1A XMTR 1K OHM 385 20/120FINFO206.00115.36
TT807PF1BI XMTR 1K OHM 385 30/130FINFO206.00115.36
TT807PF1BN XMTR 1K OHM 385 30/240FINFO206.00115.36
TT807PF1C XMTR 1K OHM 385 0/100CINFO206.00115.36
TT807PF1EN XMTR 1K OHM 385 -20/140FINFO206.00115.36
TT807PF1H XMTR 1K OHM 385 40/90FINFO206.00115.36
TT807PF1M XMTR 1K OHM 385 -50/50CINFO206.00115.36
TT807PF1N XMTR 1K OHM 385 32/122FINFO206.00115.36
TT807PF1S XMTR 1K OHM 385 0/100FINFO206.00115.36
TT807PW1A XMTR 1K OHM 375 20/120FINFO206.00115.36
TT807PW1BI XMTR 1K OHM 375 30/130FINFO206.00115.36
TT807PW1BN XMTR 1K OHM 375 30/240FINFO206.00115.36
TT807PW1C XMTR 1K OHM 375 0/100CINFO206.00115.36
TT807PW1EN XMTR 1K OHM 375 -20/140FINFO206.00115.36
TT807PW1EZ XMTR 1K OHM 375 -148/32FINFO206.00115.36
TT807PW1H XMTR 1K OHM 375 40/90FINFO206.00115.36
TT807PW1KM XMTR 1K OHM 375 50/350FINFO243.00136.08
TT807PW1M XMTR 1K OHM 375 -50/50CINFO206.00115.36
TT807PW1N XMTR 1K OHM 375 32/122FINFO206.00115.36
TT807PW1S XMTR 1K OHM 375 0/100FINFO206.00115.36


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  • 4-20 mA signal transmitter
  • 1000/100Ω RTD input
  • Wide, high and low calibration ranges
  • Standard handy-box mounting
  • Two and three-wire RTD wiring optional
  • Factory calibrated
  • Functional equivalent to HCT-801 and HCT-807
  • 100% substitute for the discontinued Hycal transmitters

Supply Voltage:8.5-35 VDC

Accuracy: ±0.1% of span

Signal Output:4-20 mA @ 750Ω

Linearity: ±0.1% of span

Sensor Type: TT801 Three-wire, 100Ω 385 platinum RTD (accepts two-wire input also)

TT807 Two-wire, 1000Ω 375 or 385 platinum RT:

Calibration Range:Min span 35℉ (19℃)

Max span 1112℉ (600℃):

Zero Limited by the sensor used:

Span Adjustments:±5% typical, factory-set, non-interacting

Zero Adjustments:±5% typical, factory-set, non-interacting

RTD Current:RTD current

TT801 1 mA nominal:

TT807 0.2 mA nominal:

Protection:Polarity Diode protected

Operating Temperature:-40° to 185℉ (-40° to 85℃)

Mounting:Mounts inside a handy box

Weight:0.3 lb (0.14 Kg)

Warranty:3 years


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