T85U Series

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T85U Series

Kele 1000 Ohm RTD Rangeable Transmitter T85U Series

Kele 1000 Ohm RTD Rangeable Transmitter


The Kele T85U 1000 ohm RTD rangeable transmitter is a range selectable, two-wire 4-20 mA RTD transmitter used with Type 85 1000Ω platinum RTD sensors. The transmitter is available in six standard ranges, or it can be set for any range between -30° to 280℉ (-34° to 156℃) with a minimum span of 40℉ (22℃). To adjust the T85U, set the DIP switches to match the desired range, and use the zero and span pots to fine tune. A high accuracy digital ohmmeter and decade box are required. The T85U has a special 20 mA loop calibration test signal to provide easy system verification. Simply move the bottle plug jumper from norm to 20, and the transmitter will output a constant 20 mA. The loop-up LED provides power indication for the 4-20 mA output.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
T85U-12 XMTR 1K OHM 385 -30/45CIn Stock93.8452.55
T85U-12O T85U-12OIn Stock191.00106.96
T85U-13 XMTR 1K OHM 385 32/212FIn Stock97.0054.32
T85U-13-W IMM 1K OHM 385 XMTR 32/212F W/WELLINFO280.00156.80
T85U-13-W-XTD IMM 1K OHM WELL XTMR 32/212F DISPLAYINFO1,006.00563.36
T85U-13-WE IMM 1K OHM W/O WELL XTMR 32/212FIn Stock286.00160.16
T85U-13-WS IMM 1K OHM 385 XMTR 32/212F W/WELLINFO325.00182.00
T85U-14 XMTR 1K OHM 385 0/50CIn Stock97.9254.84
T85U-14-D DUCT 1K OHM 385 XMTR 0/50CIn Stock286.00160.16
T85U-14-O OSA 1K OHM 385 XMTR 0/50CIn Stock191.00106.96
T85U-14-W IMM 1K OHM 385 XMTR 0/50C W/WELLINFO280.00156.80
T85U-14-W-XTD IMM 1K OHM WELL XTMR(0/50C) DISPLAYINFO1,006.00563.36
T85U-14-WE IMM 1K OHM W/O WELL XTMR(0/50C)In Stock318.00178.08
T85U-14-XWM XMTR 1K OHM 385 32/122F ENCLOSEDINFO330.00184.80
T85U-2 XMTR 1K OHM 385 (-20/140F)In Stock92.8251.98
T85U-2AV AVG 1K OHM XTMR(-20/140F)INFO324.00181.44
T85U-2D DUCT 1K OHM XTMR(-20/140F)In Stock205.00114.80
T85U-2O OSA 1K OHM XTMR(-20/140F)In Stock191.00106.96
T85U-2W IMM 1K OHM XTMR(-20/140F) W/WELLIn Stock280.00156.80
T85U-2XWM XMTR 1K OHM 385 -20/140F ENCLOSEDINFO127.0071.12
T85U-3 XMTR 1K OHM 385 (0/100F)In Stock118.3266.26
T85U-3AV AVG 1K OHM XMTR(0/100F)INFO324.00181.44
T85U-3D DUCT 1K OHM XMTR(0/100F)In Stock205.00114.80
T85U-3O OSA 1K OHM XMTR(0/100F)In Stock191.00106.96
T85U-3W IMM 1K OHM W/WELL XMTR(0/100F)In Stock280.00156.80
T85U-3W-XTD IMM 1K OHM W/WELL XMTR(0/100F) DISPLAYINFO1,011.00566.16
T85U-3XWM XMTR 1K OHM 385 0/100F ENCLOSEDINFO127.0071.12
T85U-4 XMTR 1K OHM 385 30/240FIn Stock93.8452.55
T85U-4AV AVG 1K OHM XMTR(30/240F)INFO324.00181.44
T85U-4D DUCT 1K OHM XMTR(30/240F)In Stock205.00114.80
T85U-4O OSA 1K OHM XMTR(30/240F)In Stock191.00106.96
T85U-4W IMM 1K OHM XMTR(30/240F) W/WELLIn Stock280.00156.80
T85U-4XWM XMTR 1K OHM 385 30/240F ENCLOSEDINFO127.0071.12
T85U-JCP 1K OHM 385 XMITTR(-30/140F)In Stock100.9856.55
T85U-XR XMTR 1K OHM 385 -CUST RANGEIn Stock109.0061.04
T85UEMC12S XMTR 1K OHM 385 -30 TO 45 FINFO457.00255.92
T85UEMC13OS OSA 1K OHM 385 0/100C XMITTERINFO348.00194.88
T85UEMC13S XMTR 1K OHM 385 0/100CINFO169.0094.64
T85UEMC14AVS AVG 1K OHM 385 0/50C XMITTERINFO603.00337.68
T85UEMC14DS DUCT 1K OHM 385 0/50C XMITTERIn Stock471.00263.76
T85UEMC14DXN3S DUCT 1K OHM 385 0/50C XMITTER NIST 3 PTINFO464.00259.84
T85UEMC14OS OSA 1K OHM 385 0/50C XMITTERINFO366.00204.96
T85UEMC14S 1K OHM 385 XMITTR 0/50CIn Stock169.0094.64
T85UEMC14WES IMMER W/O WELL 0/50C XMITTER SSIn Stock535.00299.60


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  • Class A Sensors
  • Dip switch rangeable
  • Loop calibration test signal
  • Low cost
  • Snap-track mounting
  • Loop-powered LED indication
  • Fits into card slot of ST-U85 housing
  • CE approved (commercial and industrial)
  • Available as a complete assembly
  • Conformal coated

Supply Voltage:10.5-45 VDC

Transmitter Accuracy:±0.2°F or 0.2% of the span TCR 0.00385 Ω/Ω/°C

Signal Output:4-20 mA @ 675Ω, two wire loop-powered, except display @ 375Ω

Rangeability:-30° to 250°F (-34° to 121°C) Minimum span of 40°F (22°C)


Zero:-30° to 210℉ (-34.4° to 98.9℃)

Minimum Span:40℉ (22℃)

Usable Range:-30° to 250℉ (-34.4° to 121.1℃)

Loop Calibration Output:20 mA ± 0.2%

Sensor Element:1000Ω platinum TCR 0.00385 Ω/Ω/°C

Operating Temperature:0° to 140°F (-18° to 60°C)

Operating Humidity:0% to 95% non-condensing

Wiring Terminations:Terminals

Weight:0.16 lb (0.07 Kg) w/o options

Approvals:CE (EN50081-1, EN50082-1)

Optional CE (EN50081-2, EN50082-2) Industrial RF/EM Hardened:

Warranty:1 year


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