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AS570 Series

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AS570 Series

Minco Chill-out Combination Sensor AS570 Series

Minco Chill-out Combination Sensor


The Minco Chill-Out Combination Sensor is two sensors in one. One sensor is for the duct average temperature and the other is used for freeze protection. The AS570 Series sensor provides a digital alarm contact and a 1000Ω 385 platinum resistance curve for accurate monitoring of your duct conditions. The solid state design and the 3/8″ tubing eliminate concerns of gas leaks or kinking the capillary during installation. The AS570 Series Sensor features a ultra flexible plenum-rated PVC coated galvanized steel armor sensor case for low cut out and separate averaging sensor with flexible tubing. Switch points are factory set at 38℉ (3.3℃) but are easliy field adjustable. Upon a power loss the AS570 Series Sensor reverts to its normal state.


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  • Averaging sensor and low cut out sensor
  • Solid state technology
  • Mounts in any direction
  • Ultra flexible
  • Power loss detection
  • Field adjustable
  • Latching and non-latching relays

Supply Voltage:24 VAC ±10 @ 15 VA; 24 VDC ±10 @ 120 mA

Accuracy:±0.9℉ (±0.8℃) from 18° to 151℉ (-7.8° to 55℃)

Signal Out:1000Ω RTD 385 curve

Relay output:

Power:6A @ 120 VAC

Signal:1A @ 24 VDC

Relay Type:SPDT

Operating Temperature:-22℃ to 158℉ (-30° to 70℃)

Wiring Terminations:

Signal:14-24 AWG

Relay: 12-24 AWG


8 ft (2.4m):1.2 lb (0.54 Kg)

17 ft (5.2m): 1.6 lb (0.72 Kg)

25 ft (7.6m): 1.8 lb (0.82 Kg)

50 ft (15.2m) 3.2 lb (1.5 Kg):

Approvals:UL File E211718

Warranty:3 years


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