A500 Series

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A500 Series

Mamac Systems Sensor Thermowells  A500 Series

Mamac Systems Sensor Thermowells


The Mamac Systems Model A500 Sensor Wells are used with standard length Mamac TE series immersion thermistor and RTD sensors. The Mamac A505 thermal compound is used to fill in the gaps between sensor and thermowell and provide thermal conductivity allowing for precise temperature measurement.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
A-500-1-A-1 WELL 4 IN BRASS 3/4 INIn Stock36.7220.56
A-500-1-A-2 WELL 4 IN STAINLESS 3/4 ININFO48.9627.42
A-500-1-B-1 WELL 4IN BRASS 1/2 INIn Stock36.7220.56
A-500-1-B-2 WELL 4IN STAINLESS 1/2 INIn Stock48.9627.42
A-500-1-E-1 WELL BRASSINFO36.7220.56
A-500-1-E-2 WELL STAINLESSINFO48.9627.42
A-500-2-A-1 WELL 6 IN BRASS 3/4 INIn Stock44.8825.13
A-500-2-A-2 WELL 6 IN STAINLESS 3/4 INIn Stock65.2836.56
A-500-2-B-1 WELL 6 IN BRASS 1/2 ININFO44.8825.13
A-500-2-B-2 WELL 6 IN STAINLESS 1/2 ININFO61.2034.27
A-500-2-E-1 WELL BRASSINFO44.8825.13
A-500-2-E-2 WELL STAINLESSINFO65.2836.56
A-500-3-A-1 WELL 8 IN BRASS 3/4 ININFO53.0429.70
A-500-3-A-2 WELL 8 IN STAINLESS 3/4 INIn Stock80.5845.12
A-500-3-B-1 WELL 8 IN BRASS 1/2 ININFO53.0429.70
A-500-3-B-2 WELL 8 IN STAINLESS 1/2 ININFO80.5845.12
A-500-3-E-1 WELL BRASSINFO53.0429.70
A-500-3-E-2 WELL STAINLESSINFO80.5845.12
A-500-4-A-1 WELL 12 IN BRASS 3/4 ININFO92.8251.98
A-500-4-A-2 WELL 12 IN STAINLESS 3/4 INIn Stock100.9856.55
A-500-4-B-1 WELL 12 IN BRASS 1/2 ININFO92.8251.98
A-500-4-B-2 WELL 12 IN STAINLESS 1/2 INIn Stock100.9856.55
A-500-4-E-1 WELL BRASSINFO92.8251.98
A-500-4-E-2 WELL STAINLESSINFO100.9856.55
A505 THERMAL COMPOUNDIn Stock20.4011.42


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