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IDEC Solid State Relay RSSDN

IDEC Solid State Relay


The Model RSSDN Solid State Relay from IDEC is a photo-isolated solid state relay for HVAC applications and Building Automation Systems, BAS. The 4-32 volt DC input voltage allows the relay to be used on analog or digital outputs. The solid-state relays provide reliable switching and long-life operation. However, these relays require careful application because excessive temperature, high inrush currents, or induced currents can affect solid state relay operation.


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QtyModelDescriptionIn StockList PriceInternet Price
RSSDN-25A SOLID STATE RELAY, 4-32VDC/48-660VAC, 25AIn Stock73.0040.88
RSSDN-50A SOLID STATE RELAY, 4-32VDC/48-660VAC, 50AIn Stock105.0058.80
RSSDN-75A SOLID STATE RELAY, 4-32VDC/48-660VAC, 75AINFO167.0093.52
RSSDN-90A SOLID STATE RELAY, 4-32VDC/48-660VAC, 90AINFO194.00108.64


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  • Photo isolation
  • 4000V optical isolation
  • Zero voltage turn-on
  • Input status LED
  • High surge capability
  • Dual SCR output

Input Current:Regulated 10 mA

Frequency Range:47-80 Hz

Pick Up Voltage:4 VDC

Drop Out Voltage:1 VDC

Voltage Range:4-32 VDC

Contact Type:1 Form A, SPST-N.O.

Off State Leakage:20 mA @ rated voltage (maximum)

Minimum Current:

10A,25A models: (holding) 50 mA :

50A, 75A, 90A models: (holding) 100 mA:

Output Current Limit:10A, 25A, 50A, 75A, 90A

Output Voltage:48-660 VAC

Over Voltage Rating:1200 PIV

Voltage Drop:1.6V (maximum) @ rated current

Capacitance:8 pF

Dielectric Strength:4000 rms minimum

Surge Current:1-Cyle 150A, 1-Second 30A;

 :1-Cyle 300A, 1-Second 75A;

 :1-Cyle 750A, 1-Second 150A

Reverse Voltage Protection:

 :Yes (-32 VDC)

Zero Voltage Switching:Yes

Turn Off Time:1/2 cycle @ 60 Hz

Turn On Time:1/2 cycle @ 60 Hz

Dimensions:2.25" H x 1.75" W x 0.95" D (5.72 x 4.45 x 2.41 cm)

Approvals:UL-recognized component, File #E194577: CE certified

Weight:0.22 lb (0.10 kg)

Warranty:1 year


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