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product family specifications


50/60 Hz

Life Rating

10 million cycles minimum mechanical

Relay Status

LED, ON - relay activated

Operating Temperature

-30° to 140°F (-34° to 60°C)

Operating Humidity

5% to 95% non-condensing


C 1.75″H x 4″W x 1.25″L

(4.45 x 10.16 x 3.18 cm)

D 1.75″H x 4″W x 2″L

(4.45 x 10.16 x 5.08 cm)

F 1.75″H x 4″W x 2.45″L

(4.45 x 10.16 x 6.22 cm)

H 1.75″D x 2.75″W x 1.25″L

(4.45 x 6.99 x 3.18 cm)

I 1.75″D x 2.75″W x 1.7″L

(4.45 x 6.99 x 4.32 cm)

J 1.75″D x 4″W x 1.5″L

(4.45 x 10.16 x 3.85 cm)

K 1.75″D x 2.75″W x 2.5″L

(4.45 x 6.99 x 6.35 cm)

L 1.75″D x 2.75″W x 3.40″L

(4.45 x 6.99 x 8.64 cm)

MH1000 14.5″H x 7.7″W x 3.9″D

(36.83 x 19.56 9.91 cm)

MH3500 24.5″H x 10.25″W x 3.9″D

(62.23 x 26.04 x 9.91 cm)

MH38000 24.5″H x 12.5″W x 6.5″D

(62.23 x 31.75 x 16.5 cm)


UL 916 Energy Management, UL 864 Fire, CSFM, UL File #E68805, CE


1 year

product family features

  • Convenient and economical to use
  • Handy, track-mounted modules
  • Attractive, stackable metal enclosure
  • Relay status indicator via LED
  • Coil uses low current and accepts wide range of AC & DC voltages
  • Closed/Open/Auto switch option available
  • High density relay packaging
  • UL listed enclosure and relay modules

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Family Description

The RIBM Series Modular Panel Relays allow the installer to mount a combination of relays in an attractive metal enclosure. Panel relays are available to control most BAS, HVAC, low-horsepower motors and lighting applications. The relay modules snap into a 4" (10.16 cm) wide plastic track. This relay system provides a convenient and cost-saving method of mixing and matching relays of different ratings to suit the applications' requirements. Connections to the modules are made by wiring to screw terminals. Input connections can be grouped on one side of the enclosure and output connections on the other to separate high-voltage and low-voltage wires. There is plenty of room within the enclosure for wire runs, and the housings can be stacked vertically or horizontally. The relay modules can be snap-track mounted inside the housing (pictured) or mounted into available space in other equipment. The track is available in 2" (5.08 cm) lengths for mounting one module or in 12" (30.5 cm) lengths for mounting several modules. RIBM Pilot Series - 10A, 15A modular relays have contacts rated up to 15A and are used to control light electrical loads, drive power relays/contactors or to sense the voltage fed to electrical loads. The pilot modular relays require a low coil drive current and are provided with circuitry to allow powering the relay coil from a wide range of AC or DC voltages. RIBM Power Series - 30A modular relays have contacts rated up to 30A. They require modest coil drive current and are used for direct switching and control of heavy electrical circuits such as large resistive, motor, or lighting loads.

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