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A/DLP-D50-W-B-N-B-0-C-0-S | ACI | Pressure





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product family specifications

Supply Voltage

4-20 mA output; 16-36 VDC (250Ω load max.) / 22-36 VDC (500Ω load max.)

0-5 VDC / 0-10 VDC output; 16-36 VDC / 24 VAC (+/-10%)

Supply Current

4-20 mA output; 24 mA minimum / 0-5 VDC / 0-10 VDC output; 6 mA max.)

Output Signals

Current output; 4-20 mA, 2-wire loop powered (standard); (Current limited to 21.4 mA max)

Voltage signals; 0-5 VDC/ 0-10 VDC Field selectable, 3-wire; output limited @ 5.25 & 10.5 VDC)

Response Time

(0-100% FSO) 8 seconds

Output Data Rate

1 second

Pressure Ranges

Field Selectable Uni and Bidirectional Ranges


± 0.5% FSO

Zero Function

Pushbutton Zero Function

Thermal Effects

+/-0.067% FSO /℉ (0.12% FSO/℃)

Proof Pressure or

Burst Pressure

A/DPL-001, Proof: 270 inWC (67.2 kPa) / Burst: 415 inWC ) (103.3 kPa) for 1 inWC (249.8 Pa)

A/DPL-010, Proof: 350 inWC (87.12 kPa) / Burst: 550 inWC ) (139.9 kPa) for 10 inWC (2490.8 Pa)

A/DPL-040, Proof: 562 inWC (140 kPa) / Burst: 1004.7 inWC ) (250 kPa) for 40 inWC (9963.6 Pa)

Operating Temperature

-4 to 185℉ (-20 to 85℃)

Compensated Temperature Range

32 to 122℉ (0 to 50℃)

Storage Temperature

-22 to 185℉ (-30 to 85℃)

Operating Humidity

10 to 95% RH, non-condensing

Media Types

Dry air or inert non-conductive gases

Enclosure Material

Flame Retardant Polycarbonate; UL94-5VA

Wiring Connections

Finger pushbutton (Spring) terminal blocks; accepts 16-24 AWG wires

Conduit Knockouts

Watertight Cordgrip Installed (1/2″ NPT conduit fittings accepted when Cordgrip removed)

Pressure Fitting Material

Nickel Plated Brass or Stainless Steel

Tubing Size Accepted

1/4″ O.D. x 0.170″ I.D. Poly Tubing


4.25″L x 2.25″W x 6.125″H


No Pitot Tube or Din Rail

Non-LCD Display Version: 0.53 lbs (0.240 Kg) | LCD Display Version: 0.58 lbs (0.263 Kg)

With Pitot Tube & Din Rail

Non-LCD Display Version: 0.80 lbs (0.363 Kg) | LCD Display Version: 0.85 lbs (0.385 Kg)


CE, RoHS2, Reach, WEEE


5 years

product family features

  • Provides excellent long-term reliability
  • All units calibrated using N.I.S.T. certified calibration equipment
  • Push button Zero function
  • Color coded terminal blocks are easy to install

more information & related documents

Family Description

The ACI DLP Series Differential Low Pressure is based on a piezoresistive, silicon sensing element which senses Differential Pressure and provides an analog output. The hinged cover on the DLP can be easily opened using the integrated locking tab on the side of the enclosure. This allows for easy access to the zero function and field selectable ranges and outputs. The DLP Series also includes an optional, five digit LCD for installation and monitoring support. The standard accuracy is ±0.25% FSO. Field selectable analog outputs include 0-5 and 0-10 VDC, or 4-20mA which correlate to a specific uni or bidirectional pressure range from 0-0.1” up to 0-40″ of water column, depending on your model selection. Each unit must be ordered with the specific pressure range needed to meet desired application requirements. Options include a Pitot Tube or Din Rail Clip. Kele is the leading supplier of building automation products. When you need the right product, right now, count on Kele.

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