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product family specifications

    Specifications for T-100 Series:
    Burst Pressure:
  • T-100 Series ASTM Test D-1599; typical value >500 psig (3,448 kPa)
  • T-141 only 320 psig (2,206 kPa) @ 75‚Ñâ (24‚ÑÉ) derated to 160 psig (1,103 kPa) @ 150‚Ñâ (66‚ÑÉ)
    Bending Modulus:
  • ASTM Test D-747; typical value 3000 psig ¬±5000
  • ASTM Test D-792; typical value 1.1 ¬±0.005 g/cc
  • ASTM Test D-638; typical value 600%
    Melt Index:
  • ASTM Test D-1238; typical value 0.6 ¬±0.1 g/10 min
    Polyethylene Classification:
  • ASTM Test D-1248; Type I, Class B or C, Category 4
    Shore A Hardness:
  • ASTM Test D-1700; typical value 97 ¬±3
    Shore D Hardness:
  • ASTM Test D-1700; typical value 45 ¬±3
    Smoke Density:
  • UL 1820; peak optical density 0.5, maximum optical density 0.15
    Stress Crack Resistance:
  • ASTM Test D-1693; typical value V 200 hours
    Flame Propagation:
  • UL 1820; typical value 0.5
    Tensile Strength:
  • ASTM Test D-638; typical value >2000 psig (13,790 kPa)
    Water Absorption:
  • ASTM Test D-576; maximum value 5
    Flammability Rating:
  • UL 94 V-2; UL 910 NFPA 90A
  • 1 year

product family features

T-100 SERIES POLYETHYLENE:,Flexible and lightweight,Flame retardant,High stress-crack resistance,Easy to handle and install,Resistant to ultraviolet breakdown,Meets or exceeds every requirement for flame retardant polyethylene tubing set by the pneumatic controls industry,Numbering system for multitube identification,Available with colored stripes

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Family Description

T-100 Series pneumatic tubing is a superior quality, flame-retardant, stress-crack resistant, exclusively compounded polyethylene tubing that provides long-term, reliable performance. This tubing is suitable for installation in air ducts, plenums, and other spaces used for environmental air. The T-141 is made of extremely flexible, clear-blue polyurethane that is not flame-retardant-rated and is used only for inside panels. It is kink-resistant, has an excellent memory, and features high compression strength and outstanding abrasive resistance. This tubing is indispensable for Building Automation Systems, BAS, and HVAC applications.

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Performance Pipe

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